Go from frumpy to Frock, then to Bargain Hunt 101

Since I’ve been going to school I’ve been scouring the web when I need to buy something. So I noticed when Frock Boutique on NE Alberta recently got their web page up and running. Check it out!

oooh aaha the most beautiful baby

The two women who own the place — Alison and Angie are a hoot! They met back in the day when in college and hooked up at Burning Man. Since then they’ve both settled down (ok not completely) a bit. They’re co-business partners and even started a new line of onesies and t-shirts.

We Love Portland!

I love their models. I think there’s a husband in there, at least one of their kids and the ahh ooohh aaahh tiny beautiful baby.

You have to read their Frockboutique blog as well. They are hilarious.

Frock as you know (or as you should know, my dear) is part of the by-now-famous Bargain Hunting 101 sale on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s billed as the “Mother of all clearance sales” and I have to say I have never been to a more artsy and crowded sale … So get there early!

Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2010 Noon-5pm
Over 50 locally owned boutiques and independent vendors at the Crystal Ballroom & Lola’s
For the biggest collaborative clearance sale ever!!

Bargain Hunting 101 – Winter Session is on Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2010 at the Crystal Ballroom & Lola’s, Noon-5pm. Over 50 of Portland’s best and most unique boutiques and vendors come together for a huge end-of-season clearance sale. Unbelievable discounts. Full Bar. Game in Lola’s. www.bargainhuntingpdx.com

Lights on NE Broadway … and carolers

Northeast Broadway starting tomorrow, Dec. 4th is the place to be for special activities for the holidays and discounts on gifts. You know I inhabit these stores on a weekly basis (most of them) so I do know what’s what and who’s who.

The sale starts tomorrow night, and goes through Sunday. Here are the high points:

One of my favorite, and consequently Sawyer’s favorite dog stores is Furever Pets at 1902 NE Broadway. Take a photo with your Fifi and Santa. Contribute to any animal shelter and get a 10% discount on pet food at the store. Send me your Santa/doggie photos and you’ll be rewarded by seeing their cute little faces on this blog after the holidaze! jaspitzer31@mac.com

Home at Last, my very favorite neighborhood furniture store is located at 1726 NE Broadway next to the Cadillac Café where you can get one of the bestest breakfasts in town with a “not too bad” wait on the weekends. Take 25% off all holiday merchandise which is all very eclectic thanks to owner Dan Brungardt.

Broadway Floral, where I usually go for floral needs throughout the year AND their sales are legendary as is their store design. The store is organized by color – so just imagine how easy it is to buy accoutrement for your living space. Love Love Love the colors!

AND don’t miss the free gift wrapping by the American Cancer Society volunteers. Broadway Floral is located at 1638 NE Broadway.

Broadway Books is synonymous with personal customer service and I couldn’t live without their book recommendations. Buy two items get one free and hot cider and cookies while you shop. Don’t spill!

I can’t walk down NE Broadway and not take a peek in Trade Roots at 1831 NE. Their jewelry is amazing and unique and I always find something to wear on their clearance rack. No matter what size I’m wearing at the moment.

Twisted is located at 2319 NE Broadway and is giving away free tea. I was in the other night admiring their crochet and knitting book selection. Lovely, lovely, colorful yarns.

Kids Edge Clothing are the new kids on the block at 2200 NE. Don’t miss the 35% off all merchandise. Bring cans of food for even more savings. You’ll see some very different clothing for kids here – not the usual run-of-the-mill.

There’s more …

Bella, Stella Baby & Big Kids, Great Wine Buys, Sofa, Table Chair, Well Suited and the list still goes on. See you on NE Broadway.

Shop on!

Garnish yourself now….

I wasn’t shopping today until I came across (while cleaning out my email I’m innocent here I tell you) a blurb from Garnish (one of the best NE Alberta has to offer) about their 50% off silk sale. How can you not answer a 50% off silk sale? Excluding wedding dresses and slips of course.

I actually was looking there last week at one of their slips to wear (under) something but not the entire under … something else for the wedding at the end of the month. If I an get away with only buying one dress for the summer wouldn’t that be cool since I don’t want to buy anything until I lose those 40 lbs.

the Grace Dress

the Grace Dress

Amanda Dress in Black

Amanda Dress in Black

red embroidered skirt

Heavy sigh.

Speaking of those 40 lbs. though, did you know Garnish has many, many, many styles in XL? They have their completely own sizing theory which I don’t have memorized yet but then it’s like a wonderful surprise every time you visit there.  I love it when not everyone demands that you become a size 6 in order to wear great fashion. Check out these two little black dresses. Garnish carries some of the best little black dresses you’ll set your baby blues on in PDX! New Sophie dresses, Amanda dresses and Nadine skirts.

The latest newsletter btw besides 50% off silks is an announcement of some import! “You told us what you love and we listened. In response, we are making a run of our most popular dresss and skirts using our new organic cotton fabrics. Available in split pea green, dark teal and brown,” according to owners Erica and Kate.


Garnish. I love the whole idea of embellishment!

Shop on!

Be courageous; Go out and spend ….

You’ll want to drive out to Troutdale this weekend and/or this afternoon for Celebrate Me Home’s Spring Sale. You know how much I love this store. Check out this bed. 

By Stanley Furniture

By Stanley Furniture

May 25 is the last day of the Spring sale. Up to 20% off – there’s a schedule on discounts depending on how much you spend. Just so you can lead with … “here’s how much I saved” if, God forbid, you have to answer to someone about your spending habits.

I know times are hard. Everyone is suffering from lack of cash flow even if it’s self-imposed. Those who are unemployed don’t have any money and those who are employed are too scared to spend theirs anticipating more recession than we already have.

I say BE BRAVE … Get thee to a retail outlet and spend. You’ll be partly responsible for bringing the country out of recession. We will all be so very grateful. Use your credit cards. They’re starting to crack down on those insane finance charges that should frankly be against the law.  WEll, that’s my two cents hehehe!

Shop on!

Lucia … Lucia in the Pearl District


I was at Sarah Wallace’s darling little shop … which is in the space where Desperado used to be. dsc_0023

Yes, dear we know that. Love her designs. And so many adorable little dresses. Ohmy. Lucia … Lucia Sounds like a movie title doesn’t it? She’s in the Pearl at 424 NW 11th. Here are a few of her designs. I happened to have my camera with me.


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