A rather fortunate event with Where’s My iPad?

Do you have the app called “Where is my iPad?” If not, go download it asap. That is of course if you have an iPad.

I recently had one rather unfortunate (my bad) incident in the midst of a move across town from an apartment in Spokane to a house on the South Hill.

I was packing my car to go over to the apartment to clean the day after moved. While packing the car with cleaning supplies etc., I put my iPad on top of my little black Kia and apparently, unceremoniously drove off with it sitting there. I have to say in my own defense that I was exhausted from the move and a little bleary.

Anyway long story short I didn’t even realize it was missing for about 3 days and when I did I was just sick about it. I love my iPad. I literally sleep with!

About a week into my grieving, I was shopping at  the Apple store to buy my son his birthday present. I was very grumpy and telling anyone who would listen to me about my loss. Then, one of the Apple guys told me to look it up online – thankfully I’d registered it with the app called “Where is my iPad?”

I got home, looked online on the MobileMe site and there it was online – a little green circle, blinking at me from about 5 miles away from our new house … slightly off the median on Highway 2!!!  Well you could see where it was on the online version but when we tried to look for it in person (first my husband looked) then my daughter  Suzanne and I went to hunt for it the next day on her lunch hour since it was right by her office building. We looked for about 20 minutes and couldn’t find it anywhere. Not an especially easy place to look though on a four-lane highway a median filled with weeds and trash! When my daughter dropped me off at my car, I told her I would sent her the map that I had been looking at on MobileMe.

I sent her the link to the online app the next morning. Stuck with the need to search for buried treasure, she said, she went out there again (by this time her whole office was involved and they were calling it  a treasure hunt). She got stopped by the Highway Patrol but after he talked to her and she told him she was searching for her mom’s iPad. He said “she put it on the top of her car?  OK well I’ll put you down as a stalled vehicle, after he pointedly said “I’ve never done that.”

SHE FOUND IT after about 10 minutes out there. She called me and said it looked bad that one corner of it was turned up and it was covered in mud. She got it back to the office, cleaned it up (she is a clean freak) and called me and said it was working fine. that she’d gone online and done everything she could and it seemed to be working just fine!!!!! So I got it back and it’s working perfectly except for the one corner where the headphones are supposed to be plugged in. So there is no sound but it’s working fine!!!

I’m trying to contact Ellen to tell her my daughter deserves a reward and Oprah to tell her to be sure she signs up for the “Where is my iPad. She loves her iPad like I do.

Anyway long story longer, that’s my sad tale.


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