Garnish yourself now….

I wasn’t shopping today until I came across (while cleaning out my email I’m innocent here I tell you) a blurb from Garnish (one of the best NE Alberta has to offer) about their 50% off silk sale. How can you not answer a 50% off silk sale? Excluding wedding dresses and slips of course.

I actually was looking there last week at one of their slips to wear (under) something but not the entire under … something else for the wedding at the end of the month. If I an get away with only buying one dress for the summer wouldn’t that be cool since I don’t want to buy anything until I lose those 40 lbs.

the Grace Dress

the Grace Dress

Amanda Dress in Black

Amanda Dress in Black

red embroidered skirt

Heavy sigh.

Speaking of those 40 lbs. though, did you know Garnish has many, many, many styles in XL? They have their completely own sizing theory which I don’t have memorized yet but then it’s like a wonderful surprise every time you visit there.  I love it when not everyone demands that you become a size 6 in order to wear great fashion. Check out these two little black dresses. Garnish carries some of the best little black dresses you’ll set your baby blues on in PDX! New Sophie dresses, Amanda dresses and Nadine skirts.

The latest newsletter btw besides 50% off silks is an announcement of some import! “You told us what you love and we listened. In response, we are making a run of our most popular dresss and skirts using our new organic cotton fabrics. Available in split pea green, dark teal and brown,” according to owners Erica and Kate.


Garnish. I love the whole idea of embellishment!

Shop on!
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