Two is better than one!

I had a deadline last week … a baby shower for my daughter-in-law over the weekend. Nothing better than a deadline to get me shopping for furniture to update the living room. So it was Potter Barn or Pier I, since I had 10% off coupons for both stores. I know I can always find something at Pier I and I was right. I got a floor lamp to match the table lamp I bought several months ago. I love how the gold in the shade vibrates off the taupe depending on what time of day it is. lamp

I also found two end tables at Pottery Barn that I put together to make a coffee table.

Check out these two:


Lights on NE Broadway … and carolers

Northeast Broadway starting tomorrow, Dec. 4th is the place to be for special activities for the holidays and discounts on gifts. You know I inhabit these stores on a weekly basis (most of them) so I do know what’s what and who’s who.

The sale starts tomorrow night, and goes through Sunday. Here are the high points:

One of my favorite, and consequently Sawyer’s favorite dog stores is Furever Pets at 1902 NE Broadway. Take a photo with your Fifi and Santa. Contribute to any animal shelter and get a 10% discount on pet food at the store. Send me your Santa/doggie photos and you’ll be rewarded by seeing their cute little faces on this blog after the holidaze!

Home at Last, my very favorite neighborhood furniture store is located at 1726 NE Broadway next to the Cadillac Café where you can get one of the bestest breakfasts in town with a “not too bad” wait on the weekends. Take 25% off all holiday merchandise which is all very eclectic thanks to owner Dan Brungardt.

Broadway Floral, where I usually go for floral needs throughout the year AND their sales are legendary as is their store design. The store is organized by color – so just imagine how easy it is to buy accoutrement for your living space. Love Love Love the colors!

AND don’t miss the free gift wrapping by the American Cancer Society volunteers. Broadway Floral is located at 1638 NE Broadway.

Broadway Books is synonymous with personal customer service and I couldn’t live without their book recommendations. Buy two items get one free and hot cider and cookies while you shop. Don’t spill!

I can’t walk down NE Broadway and not take a peek in Trade Roots at 1831 NE. Their jewelry is amazing and unique and I always find something to wear on their clearance rack. No matter what size I’m wearing at the moment.

Twisted is located at 2319 NE Broadway and is giving away free tea. I was in the other night admiring their crochet and knitting book selection. Lovely, lovely, colorful yarns.

Kids Edge Clothing are the new kids on the block at 2200 NE. Don’t miss the 35% off all merchandise. Bring cans of food for even more savings. You’ll see some very different clothing for kids here – not the usual run-of-the-mill.

There’s more …

Bella, Stella Baby & Big Kids, Great Wine Buys, Sofa, Table Chair, Well Suited and the list still goes on. See you on NE Broadway.

Shop on!

Black Tie Violets for the holidays!

I have to get out of the house and start shopping. I’m nearly ready for the holidays … I desperately need to do some retail therapy for myself. Did I mention Nordstrom’s is having their half-yearly clearance sale? Bonus – Clinique is having their gift with purchase sale! You know you love all those mini versions of Clinique products.d_200911_blacktie_hdr2


Shimmering Stripes Powder Blusher


Brush-on Cream Liner


Eye Shadow Quad

I just saw one of the holiday sets called Black Tie Violets. The blush (in the middle in this photo) is shades of Tuxedo Plums that dust your face, neck and decolletage (love that word) with shades of pinks/plum.

And the four eye shadows are scrumptious in the quad limited edition. There is also a cream eye liner in Violet Luxe that glides along the lashline. And, no it does not make your eyelashes grow a la Brooke Shields.

Love love love these colors. They were made for me you know!

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PDX women are the bees knees!

There are so many talented women in PDX it’s just amazing! Just go into one of the neighborhoods here and you’ll find incredible women doing what we love to do whether it’s creating inimitable, one-of-a-kind fashion, running chic, world class boutiques, authoring distinctive books or organizing fabulous events and trade shows – the women of Portland are extraordinary!

That’s all I wanted to say. Really … seriously, that’s it.

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Be courageous; Go out and spend ….

You’ll want to drive out to Troutdale this weekend and/or this afternoon for Celebrate Me Home’s Spring Sale. You know how much I love this store. Check out this bed. 

By Stanley Furniture

By Stanley Furniture

May 25 is the last day of the Spring sale. Up to 20% off – there’s a schedule on discounts depending on how much you spend. Just so you can lead with … “here’s how much I saved” if, God forbid, you have to answer to someone about your spending habits.

I know times are hard. Everyone is suffering from lack of cash flow even if it’s self-imposed. Those who are unemployed don’t have any money and those who are employed are too scared to spend theirs anticipating more recession than we already have.

I say BE BRAVE … Get thee to a retail outlet and spend. You’ll be partly responsible for bringing the country out of recession. We will all be so very grateful. Use your credit cards. They’re starting to crack down on those insane finance charges that should frankly be against the law.  WEll, that’s my two cents hehehe!

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Cluttercast Friday and Irvington Garage Sale

It’s already Cluttercast Friday and I have to find something to give away Although it’s not that difficult since you can barely walk through my living or dining room there’s so much crap out of boxes, in boxes, on top of …. Well you get the idea. It’s mind boggling. That’s why I’ve been putting stuff in boxes for the Irvington garage sale.

I’ve been blogging about the Cluttercast woman (Darryle Pollack) who gives away clutter nearly every day on her website and has been doing so for about a year now. OK last week was my first week.

I found it. I’ve been living with this gorgeous, covered tile on the wall in my office since I bought it at the Anituqe mall in Camas several months ago. It’s just too crowded there on the wall so … it’s yours if you’d like it.

Here’s the photo. dsc_0002If you would like it – send me an email and I’ll weigh it to see what postage is and that’s all you have to cover is the shipping.

Of course if you’re near Portland Oregon, just email and you can pick it up.

The garage sale of which I spoke is the 6th annual Irvington Neighborhood Garage Sale on April 25 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s a fundraiser for Irvington School. The PTA is sponsoring the event and they’re made up maps of those folks participating in the garage sale. You can find the maps at Peet’s Coffee on NE Broadway and Mio Gelato on NE Brazee.

I have already filled four huge boxes to the brim with stuff and stuff and more stuff. I also have a bunch of furniture – some from estate sales and some that I’ve had for ages that I need to get rid of.

So join the neighborhood on Saturday, April 25 for a great sale!

Shop on!

SHOP Symposium/09 … it’s required!

You have to be at SHOP 09 this Monday, April 6, 2009.

Portland is the eye of the storm when it comes to all entrepreneurial success, green to go and small business triumphs – even in this economic climate, whatever that is.

Which means that you will hear more than 30 of those successful entrepreneurs share their expertise, inspire the masses and give back what they’re gotten from all their hard work.

SHOP Symposium 09 is a unique opportunity to hear people like Kent Lewis, founder of Anvil Media, Inc. one of the best SEO marketing agencies on the planet. Surely you’ve heard about Mindee Doney, co-founder of Little Busy Bodies, Inc. and Boogie Wipes. Her Boogie Wipes, amazing gentle saline wipes for tiny noses, are being sold in 30,000 retail stories across the country after only two years from the starting gate. Other speakers are no less well known – Marlynn Schotland founder of Mamapraneurs, Inc., Kathi O’Neil, publisher of Portland Picks and Alice Dobson who took Portland and New York by storm with her Sofada line. She has been featured in Lucky Magazine, Oregon Business, Fashion Ledge Magazine and in boutiques across the country, as well as here in Portland.

It’s amazing when you realize just how many savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are here in Portland … walking among us!

Here’s a list of other speakers who will share their expertise and savvy business experience:
Drew Force, Blackfish Creative founder; Jennifer Wong who owns the company called Muse, Lisa Johnson, Author and CEO of Reach Group; Mark Hayes, Founder and CEO of and Sarena Regazzoni, Director of Marketing for Oregon Entrepreneur Network (OEN) to name just a few.

You can find all the speakers bios online as well as news about the day, sponsors, itinerary and more details than you’ve ever wished for.

AND  there will be exhibitors of course, the likes of Missionary Chocolates for all of you chocoholics, the Portland Business Journal, Portland Business Alliance, Kaiser Permanente and Emma!

SHOP Symposium 09 will be held at PCPA Brunish Hall in downtown Portland. Checkin and registration is at 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. 8:30-9:00am

8:30-9 a.m. Keynote by Lisa Johnson/Founder & CEO, Reach Group

Please tell me you’ll be there? Pretty please?

Cluttercast Friday and it’s free!

It’s Cluttercast Friday on Krista Colvin’s Organize in Style. I love this idea.

She grabs something that’s cluttering up her life that she doesn’t need and puts it online to give away to someone who needs her clutter … er I mean stuff!

Here’s today’s cluttercast – it’s a recipe box that’s very cute! She says she bought it years ago thinking she’d start cooking but it didn’t really happen. It just didn’t work for her I guess.

Today's cluttercast

Today's cluttercast

Here’s part of her blog – I love funny women!
Here’s the deets… this ‘clutter’ can be yours for FREE. Just follow the simple Cluttercast rules as determined by my gal Darryle over at!

Krista’s cluttercast rules:

1. ME: Each Friday I’m going to set something FREE. *be sure to subscribe to my blog so you receive current up-to-the-minute info!

2. YOU: comment as to why you’d love the item or whom you’d like to gift it to. [ I’ll give you a week to comment then pick + email the winner.]

3. ME + YOU: I’ll send it to the winner

It all started with meeting @DarryleP on twitter. Here’s why I’m in, SO IN- click here

French Letter Condom Company – no letter just condoms

I was just reading some of my emails this morning, minding my very own business of course since I work alone can no longer mind anyone else’s business heavy sigh, when I came upon these adorable little gifts called French Letter Condoms. They’re a company of brits who apparently were bored by the beige condoms from back in the day and needed a bit of color to add excitement to the ah experience. Oh yes I was on btw.frenchletter

Who is the French Letter Condom Company?

So happy you asked. They are Olli, Bernice and Martyn “a trio dedicated to offering you … the opportunity of making love with an eye on fair play. Olli Knows about condoms (he has been making them in Germany for a long time). Martyn knows about what and where condoms are sold and Bernice knows about lovely things. Together they bring you French Letter Condoms.

Their motto is Fair Play.

No really.

They swear the condoms are very safe, high quality for discerning and lovely customers. AND your lovemaking will benefit workers on rubber plantations as a royalty on each pack goes to help ensure their wages are fair and healthcare and pensions are provided.

They come in four lovely colors: a turquoise blue, lemon yellow, light lavender and hot pink.

P.S. There are no letters to read before you put the condoms on.

Shop on!

Accessorize With Barbie’s Body Parts … Seriously

I can’t get enough of Barbie apparently. Now comes the Barbie’s bodyparts as jewelry. WHA??? OK check it out.





I think my favorite is the pink bracelet. Brought to you via News of the strange and weird from Sky

Girls Inc. is taking Power of the Purse to the Nines

Strong, smart and bold Girls Inc. girls will take center stage on Thursday, March 12, to model one-of-a-kind handbags for Portland’s must-attend event – The Power of the Purse – a live fashion show,  dinner and auction to benefit Girls Inc.

MiMo Handbags

MiMo Handbags

The fourth annual event of its kind, Portland community leaders, artists and entrepreneurs inspire local purse designers to develop a creative concept for the handbags – each a unique work of art. The sky is the limit on what the purses go for during the auction. Last year a bag designed by Kaaren Maloy topped the highest bid ever and sold for $6,700.

This year’s local purse-o-nalities include Oregon State Senator Betsy Johnson, Anna Song KATU Anchor, Elizabeth Leach of Elizabeth Leach Gallery and Monica Carlson American Gladiator Champion.

This year’s purse designers include Kaaren Maloy, Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop; Jayne Dearborn, Designs by Jayne; Mike Eggleston, Ellington Leather and Larry Olmstead, Entermodal. (See full list below).

Girls Inc. NW Executive Director Annette Klinefelter says they’re hoping to meet their goal of raising $150,000 this year to support the organization’s school-based programs. “Our advocates serve our girls comprehensively at school and at home with $140 per girl, per year,” Klinefelter says. “The economy continues to plummet, the numbers of girls (who need help) is going up yet the amount of money there to help them does not increase.”

Amanda Brotman, Designer

Amanda Brotman, Designer

Girls Inc. NW is supported through various grants, private donations and fundraisers like Power of the Purse.

Design Diva

New to the event this year is purse designer Jayne Dearborn who has been creating purses for her company Designs by Jayne for about eight years. Dearborn, who was matched with Zari Santner, Director of Portland Park and Recreation, says she met with Santner several times while she was designing the bag.

“It was great to work with Zari,” Dearborn says. “She had a definite idea of what she wanted and I put that (vision) into a handbag. It’s very different from what I usually do so that was fun. They get to choose the handbag of their dreams.”

Dearborn plans to attend the event on March 12, with her husband. “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a fashion glam evening – I never really get to go to these,” she says.

2009 Purse-o-nalities & Designers

* Anna Song, KATU Anchor, paired with Mike Eggleston, Ellington Leather

* Anne Nedrow, M.D. OHSU Center for Women’s Health, paired with Jennifer Sturmer, Jenesse

* April Sanderson, Regional Manager at Wells Fargo Private Banking, paired with ElizaBeth Rolhoff, ElizaBeth Rolhoff Designs

* Arielle Schnitzer, a Strong, smart, and bold girl, paired with Suzanne Sherman, Fat Cat Hats and Sacks

* Betsy Johnson, Oregon State Senator, paired with Lauri DeLaczay, Clark & Mayfield

* Elizabeth Leach, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, paired with Sha Montana

* Gretchen Keys, Proprietress at Hidden Creek Polo Club, paired with Maya Bauer, Maya Moon Designs

* Karol Niemi, Interior Designer, paired with Janny Downey, Minou-Minou

* Kristina, Z100 On-Air Personality, paired with Renee Christopher

* Monica Carlson, American Gladiator Champion, paired with Larry Olmstead, Entermodal

* Peggy Fowler, CEO Portland General Electric, paired with Meral Middleton, ZIBA Design

* Portland City Council, paired with Larry Olmstead Entermodal

* Sandy Rowe, Editor at The Oregonian, paired with Shan & Kaaren Maloy Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop

* Selby Keys, CEO Key Laser Institute, paired with Amanda Brotman, Amanda Pearl

* Shoshana Bean, Broadway Actress and Singer, paired with Jesse Champlin, Rush Accessories

* Vanessa Sturgeon, President TMT Development, paired with Mia Scofield, MiMo Handbags

* Zari Santner, Director of Portland Parks & Recreation, paired with Jayne Dearborn, Designs by Jayne

Jesse Champlin, Designer

Jesse Champlin, Designer

Girls Inc. of Northwest Oregon is a local nonprofit that works to inspire young girls to be strong, smart and bold. Girls from 8 to 20 participate in programs that help them create peer groups for support, enhance self-esteem and assertiveness and develop basic communications skills and sound decision-making. One of the programs developed by Girls Inc. of NW Oregon called Allies In Action, a set of tools created to combat aggressive, hurtful and violent behavior, or bullying between girls, has been used throughout the country because of its success.

The event will be held at the Nines Hotel next to Portland’s Pioneer Square atop the landmark Meier & Frank Building at 525 SW Morrison St.

A silent auction begins at 5:30 p.m. as well as a purse boutique featuring the works of local designers. Dinner and the live auction will begin at 7 p.m.

To buy tickets: Register online or call 503-230-0054. Become a Power of the Purse Patron – purchase a Patron Table for $2,500 for you and nine other family members, friends, and colleges.

Poppy & Ivy … in a pickle

Anyhoo … well I started this story on Facebook but you know those pesky little tiny test boxes will hardly let you talk at all I think that’s why I hate to twitter sometimes. I have a lot more to say. So I’m doing a photo shoot tomorrow in the am and then closing Poppy & Ivy in the afternoon (late afternoon). You know Poppy & Ivy in NE Alberta … if I’ve told you once I’ve told you … well, you know. Amy is having a party mind you and said on her Facebook page that she was in a pickle and you know how I hate for anyone to be in a pickly you know so I offered to close the store because I was not even invited to the party so … long story long I’m closing her store. Wow, speaking of a run on sentence I was ouf of breath after that one. You know how I love to babysit a retail store though. I can shop and shop and shop and shop and … well then I’ll have to close I guess. So sad.

So here I am and since I’m here I figured I might as well take photos. I’ll add those when I get back home.

Xnay on the photos aye. My camera battery was low from the photo shoot in the am. I’ll borrow some from Amy’s blog which is very funny btw.

There were a few people wandering around the different shops and restaurants last night. They were piping in smells from the New Orleans restaurant next door until I was dying.

Photo time:

So photo time wasn’t happening last night. Opened my camera and no battery! But here’s a photo dedicated to my friend Rachel Adams who is missing Mardi Gras very much bad since she’s from New Orleans. Happy King Cake Rachel ….

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Lucia … Lucia in the Pearl District


I was at Sarah Wallace’s darling little shop … which is in the space where Desperado used to be. dsc_0023

Yes, dear we know that. Love her designs. And so many adorable little dresses. Ohmy. Lucia … Lucia Sounds like a movie title doesn’t it? She’s in the Pearl at 424 NW 11th. Here are a few of her designs. I happened to have my camera with me.


Kate Towers … On Etsy?

Have you seen Kate Towers new website? Ooooh lala … it’s creative and whimsical. Rumor has it that she  helped illustrate the home page on her site. Of course Towers co-owned the Seaplane Boutique she started with Holly Stalder. And you can also shop for her creations on Etsy. although she only has three items on the site. Love the gold dress. And the pink ruffles. You can add the ruffles to just about anything you’re wearing to dress it up. il_155x12550369651il_155x12550513174il_155x12551300376

Etsy is becoming more and more the choice for ever-evolving fashionistas. Plus you can buy almost anything and everything else you need (read want, crave).

Check it out –

Etsy even has things like vintage patterns, shoes, underwear and costumes. Yes my dears … and check out all the Valentine Day heart themed specials.



Rejuvenate at Rejuvenation Hardware

Are you looking at your home and thinking you wish you could restore it, reform it, reuse or repair? Or BOMB it? Their customer service is legendary, which if you know me, you know that counts for 90% of the shopping experience.

So everything short of bombing you can probably get help with at Rejuvenation Hardware. They’re having their annual factory sale through Jan. 25 – 25% off already reduced prices. Not to mention up to 75% off on clearance items.

Rejuvenation is one of my favorite stores. I can spend an entire Sunday afternoon just browsing through their  room vignettes at the store at 1100 SE Grand Ave. Since our house was built in 1913 and we know who the architect was and the style (French Renaiisance) it’s easy to shop for that style and era. They have lighting, fixtures, accessories and antiques by era including: period_basics_z0081321 arts_and_cratfs_z008133




Shop on!

Snowed in….

I cannot believe we have all this snow still in the rain capitol of the United States. And I (and probably everyone else in Metro Portland) have not finished with my Christmas shopping. Ah well, heavy sigh followed by twitch developed since being captive in my house for this whole time. Why was I not blogging you ask? Because our electricity … nothing to do with the storms of course, has been going off and one at odd times, in odd arrangements for odd lengths of time. Hence, I’ve been snuggled up under the covers where my tv and heater works all the time, watching movies. And eating. Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Today though, dear readers, I have emerged (a much fatter) yet renewed woman. I even took Sawyer thecorgi to the park for a big big romp. His feet and legs disappear completely when he walks through snow this deep but he plows his way through. He’s ever so cute … see?dsc_0065

I am posting an online gift guide this evening some time so come back for that. I’ll catch you up on who still has what.

steer clear of other drivers. Shop on!

America Thighs; The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets

Dear Jill Conner Browne:

Love the title of your new book. Are those actually your thighs on the cover? How did you preserve them? Have you tried vinegar? Is it true you use all profits from your books for cosmetic surgery on every part of your body? Is it true that you are dating the cutest boy in the world? Can you recommend anyone in Portland to remake my thighs? Can’t wait to get your reply. Love, your best fan who reads every book you’ve written … Judith.

SPQ at Powells

SPQ at Powells

Only 14 days until Jill Conner Browne’s new book drops. I know that term is meant for cd’s but I wanted to use it to sound cool because I never get to write about cd’s. Of course it’s my business so I could write about them if I wanted to I suppose. I digress.

c_0743278380Anywhoo… the new book is entitled “American Thighs – The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets.” She is so stinking funny. Gotta love her. She writes that “If I can save one woman from these thighs, I will not have lived in vain.”

Of course she can’t resist saying … “Since to say Youth is wasted on the Young has got to be the understatement of all time …”

Her list of Asset-Preserving Tips reportedly include:

  • Why women have risked their lives just to get a little bit blonder (I can vouch for that … it takes a real woman to leave that bleach on for “just one little minute more”)
  • How the muumuu has been fashionably resurrected as the “patio dress”
  • Why it’s important to always have a good photo of yourself on hand – just in case (so true, so so true)
  • How, no matter what skin you’re in, to make it last a lifetime and …
  • Why you can never trust anyone over eighty-five

Ohhh my. I can hardly wait to read about the dreaded transition from “cute girl” to “ma’am!

We love you ma’am er, I mean Jill Conner Browne.

Dakota, Joe, Sarah and the Queen (Latifah)

The Secret Life of Bees … Remember how good the book?

By Sue Monk Kidd?

Loved reading that book. It was one of those you wish would keeping going on for another 300 pages! The movie has Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah. Comes out first week in October. The Queen has lost 20 lbs on Jenny Craig. You don’t say!

Speaking of food and I was, wasn’t I? I like that New Seasons is locally owned. I also love their “shop online” option. AND they deliver for Pete’s sake  If you want it delivered it’s $9.95 but  you can pick it up at the store for $4.95. I tried it last spring and loved it! I just can’t justify it since I’m working from home now and have more free time. Guilt … yep raised Catholic.

Rubbermaid is following me. On Twitter. What does that mean I wonder? I did go on their web page to look what they have these days. Who know they have closet organizers. I really want the fast track multipurpose hook. They’re out of stock. Heavy sigh.

I did have to check out their closet organizers. Holy cow. Could my closets really look like that?

I need a professional organizer. No I don’t mean someone who just gives me advice. No, no, no my dear. Someone who will come to my house and HELP me!

Be still my beating heart. 

Did  you watch THE debate last night? Well, we’ve all heard enough shall I be the first to say it? CRITICISM. Although I was suprised how well she did on her homework. My, my she must have had those pr primpers working overtime. I almost lost it when she did the omy gosh joe shmoe thing whatever it was. I wanted to puke. And the way he was smiling at her a couple of times! Get with it Mr. Biden. We saw how down and dirty you can get back in the day during the Watergate hearings. Remember he chaired that committee? Oh my god I am soooo old. I am tossing all my eggs in the “I’m counting on the intelligence of the American people” basket. Don’t fail me now. 

Shop on!



Greenloop de loop de … great shirts, shop there right now

I love love love Greenloop. I always forget they’re right here in Portland because they have such a fabulous web site. They carry Toggery t-shirts and Raw Earth Wild Sky shirts (don’t you love this one? I even love the colors).


For the next 5 days take 25 percent off all mens and womens long sleeve tops … oops just read the small print. Today is the 5th day – Sept. 30. Get down there. Or get yourself online I’ve got to order that green one tomorrow. Raw Earth Wild Sky Ayrshire Shirt. $106 Twenty five percent makes it $76 yes?



HGTV’s Taniya Nayak rocks!

Taniya Nayak of HGTV’s Designed to Sell show – recognize her? She’s the one that goes in after the critique of the property and helps the homeowners spruce up the place and stage it. I love her energy and enthusiasm. She’s very edgy and innovative. And, she reminds me of my friend Abby! Definitely a plus. 


I’ve been thinking about making a headboard out of … well … not sure. Which is why I’ve been watching HGTV. Well not really. I just love watching HGTV. I could probably watch it all day. I have watched it all day. I really need to get a job don’t I?

So anyhoo … Ikea has fabric now. Who knew? So headboard: plywood, batting and fabric=inexpensive headboard. Check out Ikea’s fabric. Very different and yet easy and design savvy.

Most of it is $5.99 to $9.99 and is 59-inches wide. Which means turned sideways it will cover just about any height you need, and you can use the width for full/queen or king size bed. That’s my plan—photos coming I promise.






I’ll just get right on that after the other 10k things on my list this week. Which include putting the new picture I bought at the designer sale over the weekend above the fireplace. The fram has a gorgeous, gold, sparkly frame that brings out the gold and bronze glaze I painted on the fireplace. Be still my beating heart. 

Someone just reminded me that I haven’t been to Amalee on Mississippi Blvd. in too long! Love their clothes – think relaxed, comfortable and very hip.

Oh, it was PDX Shopgirl on Twitter. Check out the PDX Shopgirl blog too. She just put up a list of the hottest, hot stuff in PDX!

Thanks Dani! And shop on.


Stay warm, fashionable in single, double-breasted fab coats

Oh how I hate to be cold. Which I’m not, actually. Portland is seeing the big dog days of late summer. But I was shopping online … imagine your surprise … and had to show off these three four coats at Nordies.

Check them out: This Houndstooth jacket is by Sola & Kyo sells for $350.

This next coat is that brilliant blue … royal or not… I love the color. And so flattering if you have … gasp … hips!


They’re saying it’s cobalt blue but it seems a bit less intense than cobalt blue. 

Look at the detailing on the side that adds to the flattering cinched waist. 

Love the big black buttons! This little baby is $288 Laundry by Shelli Segal wool blend coat. 

Then there’s the traditional long single-breasted coat, very tailored made with wool-polyester and is only $238. AND it comes in both black and deep purple. 

Love Nordstrom’s. I do I do. 

Shop on!








2nd Friday Art Walk & Sidewalk Sale NE Fremont

“To find in ourselves what makes life worth living is risky business, for it means that once we know we must seek it. It also means that without it life will be valueless.”
- Marsha Sinetar

Tonight is lower NE Fremont’s Art Walk and Sidewalk Sale including Poppy & Ivy, County Cork, La Bodega, Acadia and Rerun and more. Lots of local artists … shopping, wine and appetizers at the stores/restaurants all located between 7th and 14th from 5 to 9 p.m.

Speaking of Amy Holland at Poppy & Ivy on NE Fremont – she has added Violet’s Handmade Boutique featuring the “Kung Fu Bambini” line of children’s clothing. Hollands says the “store-in-a-store” kids couture clothes from size 0-3 months are “ridiculously cute.” “Her adorable baby clothing including tee’s, cloche hats, booties are made from chenille as well as other fabrics and they sell in four other countries!

We’re SO thrilled with this announcement,” Holland says. “We are two women who love vintage items and support buying handmade and local. We both have minds racing at all hours of the night … figuring how we are going to creat the NEXT big thing. What do we sew, paint, collage, embellish or find next?”

Check out the sale tonight and Violet Craft’s (yes, how could she not be a DIY’er with a name like that?) web site as well.

Check out some of the adorable outfits she has in stock.

Shoes to die for … and not in a good way

Honestly, do designers think women can wear those four-inch heels and still walk when we’re over the age of 30? Crying out loud.

For some reason though I still secretly crave wearing them, but just can’t walk more than 50 feet in most of them. Silly … I’m just saying. My Fashion Life has a pair of Betty Jackson ankle boots on their front page today that might actually look cute with a foot inside of them. On the other hand just imagine your foot fat pudging through the cut-outs. EEWWW. 


Betty Jackson green patent leather ankle boots.

Betty Jackson green patent leather ankle boots.

Then check out these sandals they had in the next space.

They’re Alexander McQueen “Corsage VINYL sandals.” They retail for $1,605 but they’re on sale for $1,123.50. OMG run away … and not in either of these pair of shoes! 

And get this — they were SOLD OUT on the Net – A – site. I am definitely running with the wrong crowd. Well, I doubt they’re actually running in those heels. 

Shop on!

Shopping. Out. Loud.

Yeah yahoo! Thanks to my brother Greg – I’m finally blogging again. Not exactly shopping and writing yet. But writing. OMG I’ve missed writing about shopping. I’ve been doing wedding (son getting married) stuff … going to Spokane for the bridal shower, buying a dress (I finally found one at David’s Bridal of all places and I say that because it was the last place I thought I’d find a dress). 

Just got a message from Meringue Boutique… love this Pistils scarf in turquoise.

Pistil scarf from Meringue

Pistil scarf from Meringue

I’m so happy to be shopping again. Well, I never stopped shopping, I just stopped blogging about it. 


Shop on!

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