Martha Stewart and Oprah’s favorite chocolates!

And speaking of great gifts, have you heard of Lilliebelle Farms artisan chocolates?  Oh my.

I was in Jacksonville last month doing a series of stories on some of the tourist sites and of course shopping, in Southern Oregon. Lillebelle Farms is located in Central Point, which is very near to Meford.

Let me tell you about my favorite chocolates – the Cayenne Caramels.

Raising the delectable candy up to your lips, you inhale first the sweet, rich smell of the chocolate. As you slowly (please) bite into it you taste the creamy expected richness of the divine sweetness.

Next your mouth is filled with the velvety, sweet caramel as your eyes drift part way closed so you can shut out the visual and concentrate on your taste buds.

Finally, finally the hot, hot bite of the cayenne pepper catches you by surprise as it cuts into the chocolate and caramel – swirling and streaming down a final sweet and hot path down your throat.

Rumor has it that Martha Stewart discovered the artisan chocolates and sent box after box of the Lavender Sea Salt chocolates to friends two years ago at the holidays. Then Oprah followed suit and Lilliebelle’s hasn’t had a spare moment since.

They are a tad spendy but worth each and every cent.


Shop on!

Martha oh Martha Stewart how we love thee!

Don’t we love to love Martha … or at least dish about her. It was cupcake week on the Martha Stewart Show. Who needs that kind of harrassment? I almost got in my car and headed down to St. Cupcake. And it’s Friday even so they have those red choclatey ahhh…. the red velvet cupcakes! They have them on Friday and Saturday. Oh my.

“A classic buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa and screaming red. topped with a dollup of our classic vanilla cream cheese icing. she’s sassy AND frassy. like a true sassafrass should be.” There is a goddess. OMG. Thankfully I talked myself down before I made it to the car. Heavy sigh

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