Farm Chicks 2016

Lola’s Girls will be vendors again at this year’s Farm Chicks Antique Show 2016 at the Spokane Fairgrounds the first weekend in June.

We can hardly wait. Check out updates in coming weeks about the products we’ll have for sale. 384223_10205784345991603_912263310288140165_n


Two is better than one!

I had a deadline last week … a baby shower for my daughter-in-law over the weekend. Nothing better than a deadline to get me shopping for furniture to update the living room. So it was Potter Barn or Pier I, since I had 10% off coupons for both stores. I know I can always find something at Pier I and I was right. I got a floor lamp to match the table lamp I bought several months ago. I love how the gold in the shade vibrates off the taupe depending on what time of day it is. lamp

I also found two end tables at Pottery Barn that I put together to make a coffee table.

Check out these two:


Farm Chicks 2013

Lola's Girls will be at Farm Chicks Antique Show this year!

Lola’s Girls will be at Farm Chicks Antique Show this year!

Farm Chicks 2013

Did I mention I’ll be at Farm Chicks Antique Show this year as a vendor?full

I’m so excited I can barely wait. All that vintage… all that shopping… all those women… It leaves me breathless.

Please join us there – the name of our company is Lola’s Girls and I’ll update our location at the antique show as soon as I have it.

The Show is Saturday, June 1 from 9-6

Sunday, June 2 from 9-4  

Apple Super heroes!

My addendum to the last post? That I went to the Apple store a couple of weeks ago and told them my sad tale … no expecting anything mind you. After hearing my story, they decided to replace my ipad with a new one!!! I was stunned. I hadn’t expected anything much less a new ipad! Here’s the photo of the old ipad:

See the corner? Its bent back and didnt help the audio functions!

Next is a photo of Apple iPad guy #2 smiling for the camera.

Apple guy #2.

I couldn’t resist. Suffice it to say that I’m a happer camper! And a lifelong Apple devotee as well.

A rather fortunate event with Where’s My iPad?

Do you have the app called “Where is my iPad?” If not, go download it asap. That is of course if you have an iPad.

I recently had one rather unfortunate (my bad) incident in the midst of a move across town from an apartment in Spokane to a house on the South Hill.

I was packing my car to go over to the apartment to clean the day after moved. While packing the car with cleaning supplies etc., I put my iPad on top of my little black Kia and apparently, unceremoniously drove off with it sitting there. I have to say in my own defense that I was exhausted from the move and a little bleary.

Anyway long story short I didn’t even realize it was missing for about 3 days and when I did I was just sick about it. I love my iPad. I literally sleep with!

About a week into my grieving, I was shopping at  the Apple store to buy my son his birthday present. I was very grumpy and telling anyone who would listen to me about my loss. Then, one of the Apple guys told me to look it up online – thankfully I’d registered it with the app called “Where is my iPad?”

I got home, looked online on the MobileMe site and there it was online – a little green circle, blinking at me from about 5 miles away from our new house … slightly off the median on Highway 2!!!  Well you could see where it was on the online version but when we tried to look for it in person (first my husband looked) then my daughter  Suzanne and I went to hunt for it the next day on her lunch hour since it was right by her office building. We looked for about 20 minutes and couldn’t find it anywhere. Not an especially easy place to look though on a four-lane highway a median filled with weeds and trash! When my daughter dropped me off at my car, I told her I would sent her the map that I had been looking at on MobileMe.

I sent her the link to the online app the next morning. Stuck with the need to search for buried treasure, she said, she went out there again (by this time her whole office was involved and they were calling it  a treasure hunt). She got stopped by the Highway Patrol but after he talked to her and she told him she was searching for her mom’s iPad. He said “she put it on the top of her car?  OK well I’ll put you down as a stalled vehicle, after he pointedly said “I’ve never done that.”

SHE FOUND IT after about 10 minutes out there. She called me and said it looked bad that one corner of it was turned up and it was covered in mud. She got it back to the office, cleaned it up (she is a clean freak) and called me and said it was working fine. that she’d gone online and done everything she could and it seemed to be working just fine!!!!! So I got it back and it’s working perfectly except for the one corner where the headphones are supposed to be plugged in. So there is no sound but it’s working fine!!!

I’m trying to contact Ellen to tell her my daughter deserves a reward and Oprah to tell her to be sure she signs up for the “Where is my iPad. She loves her iPad like I do.

Anyway long story longer, that’s my sad tale.

Rohloff to design for Susan Sokol Blosser

Don’t we just love to love hats? Almost as much as we adore bags and worship fabulous shoes.

But no, hats are in a category all of their own. Love them or hate them they are an essential accessory for some occasions. One such occasion being … baby it’s cold outside. That reason aside, I buy hats just because they’re beautiful. They don’t have to perform any duty, fulfill any purpose other than just that – a veritable breathtaking accessory.

Designed by Elizabeth Rohloff

Check out the hats on the right – they were one of several pages of hats listed as those fashionable in the 1920’s. It must have been some decade … there are about five pages of very, very different looking styles of hats. They say form follows function, or is it perception is everything. I never get those clichés right. Anyhoo … the reason I sat down to exercise my right to write is to tell you about what’s up with Elizabeth Rohloff, one of the few, the very, very brave and busiest, of Portland’s consummate designers.

Editor’s note: Rohloff and the Susan Sokol  Blosser connection=Power of the Purse check the last graph!Elizabeth and I shared a little bit of heaven (Happy Hour Heaven) the other night, at the Secret Society Lounge (116 NE Russell).

Secret Society Lounge NE Russell

Did you know there’s a Secret Society Ballroom and a Secret Society Recording Studio? Yes it has a rich history all right. Even mystical Masons you might say. There are all those tall, telltale ceilings, dark woodwork and rich red draperies. Ask one of the bartenders what transpir

By Elizabeth Rohloff

ed there around the turn of the century … that’s all I’m saying.

Now … on to Ms. Rohloff’s bizness which is design of course. Check out the latest from her web page:

Elizabeth Rohloff

Yes, Elizabeth Rohloff

So I have done my best my dears, to share with you what I know for sure on this Thursday evening. I know not much but what I do know is that are some terribly talented women out there and Elizabeth Rohloff is among them. So don’t you want to know what she’s going to be doing in the next few weeks? Of course you do.

Well let’s see… for starters:

T.Ruth Artspace for a pre-show sale on Thursday, April 22, 2010 5-9p.m.

Two events on Friday April 30 –

Dress For Success Oregon


Girls Inc. Power of the Purse

One of these premiere events is at the Convention Center and the other is at the Portland Art Museum. You will have to clone yourself like Elizabeth is doing, to get into both. But they will definitely both be a fun night out!

BTW Elizabeth is designing a purse for Susan Sokol Blosser, c0-founder of the Sokol Blosser Winery in the Willamette Valley Dundee Hills.

Portland Fashion Designer To Design Fashion for Both Ends of the Leash

Fashion for Both Ends of the Leash

Boutiques Unleashed, by far one of my most favorite events to benefit DoveLewis’ (that is not a typo btw it’s one word) Pet Loss Support Group, is coming up on Friday, April 9, 2010.

You will see the hippest animals and humans around on the runway at Portland’s premier fashion event! Boutiques Unleashed is a fun and sometimes hilarious look at the latest styles from local boutiques for people and pets.

Plus, Project Runway contestant (and local designer) Seth Aaron Henderson will join Boutiques Unleashed designing a special outfit for the mystery model! Special thanks to Portland fashion website for helping bring Seth Allen on board!


In previous years the mystery model has been Gracie the therapy goat and Rojo the therapy llama. You can see who this year’s mystery model is and meet Seth Aaron Henderson in person at the April 9th event!

Personal pets are not on the invitation list so leave them at home. But go and enjoy the festivities that involve many local stylists and retailers. Below is a list of some of the participating boutiques:

Black Wagon Lizard Lounge

Mercantile Meringue Boutique Physical Elemen

Pin-Me Apparel Say Say Boutique Phlox

Mabel & Zora Garnish Apparel          Finn Mens’ Clothing

All for Paws Bentley B D’tails Dog Salon

Hip Hound Klees Designs
LexiDog Boutique & Social Club Salty’s Dog and Cat Shop

Kimberly Maus and Wayne Garcia from Fox 12 Oregon will MC the event

For more information on sponsorship opportunities and how you and your company can become involved with DoveLewis, contact Alison Arella at

The most gorgeous Cardigan Corgi in the photos above is my very own Sawyer “thecorgi” a three year old corgi.

Have a great weekend and SHOP ON!

Freaking Fabulousness!

I am facing finals week .. aargh income taxes, trying to sell my house and a multitude of other ugly things but I must pause – HEAVY SIGH – and tell you about the new leggings from Hue.

They are marhvelous dahling. They are the answer to finding the best of the best skinny jeans that you never found.

They are, in a word, Freaking Fabulous! They’re skinny jeans, leggings and capris. They come in assorted colors and some prints. I LOVE THESE. The girl at the counter at Nordstrom’s was practically gushing when she told me how many pairs she bought.

Unbelievable it took them so long to figure this one out. Not that I’m complaining (lest they are listening). Freaking Fabulous!

Go from frumpy to Frock, then to Bargain Hunt 101

Since I’ve been going to school I’ve been scouring the web when I need to buy something. So I noticed when Frock Boutique on NE Alberta recently got their web page up and running. Check it out!

oooh aaha the most beautiful baby

The two women who own the place — Alison and Angie are a hoot! They met back in the day when in college and hooked up at Burning Man. Since then they’ve both settled down (ok not completely) a bit. They’re co-business partners and even started a new line of onesies and t-shirts.

We Love Portland!

I love their models. I think there’s a husband in there, at least one of their kids and the ahh ooohh aaahh tiny beautiful baby.

You have to read their Frockboutique blog as well. They are hilarious.

Frock as you know (or as you should know, my dear) is part of the by-now-famous Bargain Hunting 101 sale on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s billed as the “Mother of all clearance sales” and I have to say I have never been to a more artsy and crowded sale … So get there early!

Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2010 Noon-5pm
Over 50 locally owned boutiques and independent vendors at the Crystal Ballroom & Lola’s
For the biggest collaborative clearance sale ever!!

Bargain Hunting 101 – Winter Session is on Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2010 at the Crystal Ballroom & Lola’s, Noon-5pm. Over 50 of Portland’s best and most unique boutiques and vendors come together for a huge end-of-season clearance sale. Unbelievable discounts. Full Bar. Game in Lola’s.

Sweet dreams….

I should not go to Eileen Fisher’s pages. I cannot abide not having the lovely, lovely clothes and shoes I find there.

This could make a wonderful Christmas gift for someone. If someone is listening.

The best thing? Look through her web site in the evening after a long, hard day at the office. Heavenly.

I meandered through Nordstrom’s while I was online. There’s always something there to drool over, like their latest boots … over the knee flats, short western shoeboots.

Then this time of the evening I’m all about the Ug

Lights on NE Broadway … and carolers

Northeast Broadway starting tomorrow, Dec. 4th is the place to be for special activities for the holidays and discounts on gifts. You know I inhabit these stores on a weekly basis (most of them) so I do know what’s what and who’s who.

The sale starts tomorrow night, and goes through Sunday. Here are the high points:

One of my favorite, and consequently Sawyer’s favorite dog stores is Furever Pets at 1902 NE Broadway. Take a photo with your Fifi and Santa. Contribute to any animal shelter and get a 10% discount on pet food at the store. Send me your Santa/doggie photos and you’ll be rewarded by seeing their cute little faces on this blog after the holidaze!

Home at Last, my very favorite neighborhood furniture store is located at 1726 NE Broadway next to the Cadillac Café where you can get one of the bestest breakfasts in town with a “not too bad” wait on the weekends. Take 25% off all holiday merchandise which is all very eclectic thanks to owner Dan Brungardt.

Broadway Floral, where I usually go for floral needs throughout the year AND their sales are legendary as is their store design. The store is organized by color – so just imagine how easy it is to buy accoutrement for your living space. Love Love Love the colors!

AND don’t miss the free gift wrapping by the American Cancer Society volunteers. Broadway Floral is located at 1638 NE Broadway.

Broadway Books is synonymous with personal customer service and I couldn’t live without their book recommendations. Buy two items get one free and hot cider and cookies while you shop. Don’t spill!

I can’t walk down NE Broadway and not take a peek in Trade Roots at 1831 NE. Their jewelry is amazing and unique and I always find something to wear on their clearance rack. No matter what size I’m wearing at the moment.

Twisted is located at 2319 NE Broadway and is giving away free tea. I was in the other night admiring their crochet and knitting book selection. Lovely, lovely, colorful yarns.

Kids Edge Clothing are the new kids on the block at 2200 NE. Don’t miss the 35% off all merchandise. Bring cans of food for even more savings. You’ll see some very different clothing for kids here – not the usual run-of-the-mill.

There’s more …

Bella, Stella Baby & Big Kids, Great Wine Buys, Sofa, Table Chair, Well Suited and the list still goes on. See you on NE Broadway.

Shop on!

Black Tie Violets for the holidays!

I have to get out of the house and start shopping. I’m nearly ready for the holidays … I desperately need to do some retail therapy for myself. Did I mention Nordstrom’s is having their half-yearly clearance sale? Bonus – Clinique is having their gift with purchase sale! You know you love all those mini versions of Clinique products.d_200911_blacktie_hdr2


Shimmering Stripes Powder Blusher


Brush-on Cream Liner


Eye Shadow Quad

I just saw one of the holiday sets called Black Tie Violets. The blush (in the middle in this photo) is shades of Tuxedo Plums that dust your face, neck and decolletage (love that word) with shades of pinks/plum.

And the four eye shadows are scrumptious in the quad limited edition. There is also a cream eye liner in Violet Luxe that glides along the lashline. And, no it does not make your eyelashes grow a la Brooke Shields.

Love love love these colors. They were made for me you know!

Shop on!

Love where you live!

Want to get ahead of all your friends and acquaintances with the newest and best ever holiday décor? Want to make your good sister (the one who watches HGTV 24/7) green with jealousy? header_01

Get up right now and put Saturday, Nov. 7 on your calendar.  Then prepare to get your butt (and your wallet) to Home at Last at 1815 NE Broadway my very favorite store of all time. They’re having 20% off of all in-stock holiday décorhome and 15% off of all furniture special orders. And … you can enter their $250 shopping spree give-away.

That’s where I’ll be baby! Owner Dan Brungardt is my kind of shopper. He buys what I love! And then I’m broke by the time the holidays actually come around. But what the h… I mean you have to love where you live. I say splurge my dear. Splurge!

Here’s a few of the line he has acquired:

Annie Selke Home Upholstered FurnitureGoldBed3-4[5677]RectangleDiningTable&DemiluneSideTable_Detail3-4[5682]The latest in the store:


9 Excellent Boutiques and a Flashlight!


So many fashion shows so little time. And brain cells. Portland Fashion Week 2009 wrapped up, tied pretty and put away for another season. Oh the names I dropped. Some I didn’t pick back up! Ahem… It’s not going away this week you fashionista you.

It’s the 4th week of Fashion by Flashlight on Thursday evening from 6 to 9 p.m.

Only in Portland would you need a flashlight at that time of night! You know those Alberta Street retailers and designers are always dreaming up something new. So … there are 9 … yes 9 retail outlets open to showcase their goods and celebrate … well, who needs a reason to celebrate?

Here’s the A LIST Team Fashionista. You’re going to have to be there at the opening kickoff to get the best deals.

Portland. Fashion. Week. Reasons to believe…

Portland. Fashion. Week. It’s the hot spot to be in Portland during the week of Oct. 7-11, 2009. Be there. Need a reason to believe … Two of P-town’s extraordinary designers – Anna Cohen and Michelle Decourcy are launching new lines. Reason to believe No. 2Jantzen is launching its 100-year anniversary swimwear collection. No. 3, 4 and 5? You the audience will get to vote on the best new designer, four of the biggest NW designers from Seattle and BC AND It is so, so, so fun.

I’m especially excited to see the Jantzen Swimwear 100-year swimwear collection… can’t wait for that. Oh and the old (hehe) designers that have graced the runways of Portland for the past few years like Idom and Amai Unmei — plus I also can’t wait for  the likes of Lizzie Parker (Seattle) and Mountains of the Moon (Chicago).

♥ ♥ ♥ Jantzen


♥ ♥ ♥ Be still my beating heart!

Lisa Dixon, Jantzen’s Senior Designer says this about that … “For the ’09 Jantzen collection, I was inspired by the glamour days of the 1950s, its Hollywood starlets and the timeless styles of this iconic fashion decade. The collection represents the juxtaposition of classic vintage with a modern interpretation of swimwear. Silhouettes include retro inspired maillots to ultra high waisted belted bottoms with tiny bandeau tops to ruffled corset-like tankinis.”









Shop on!

A day at the office ….

Oy vey. It’s 5 a.m. on Sunday morning and I’m looking at my emails … one “Chad White (Porland) will bring a model’s unique perspective to our Videofashion Daily …”  Actually the site is frillr ???  Oh no. Here comes the Michael Jackson earwig in my head. Get it FRILLR |>?>THRILLER >> chad white.preview.jpegHe is very, very cute though yes?

Chad White I mean.

And here’s the news accompanying his very, very large black and white photo:

Chad White to Host Videofashion

“You’ll recognize host-of-the-day Chad White from his runway appearances for Nautica, DSquared2, Perry Ellis and Baby Phat and from his eye-catching campaign for Dolce & Gabbana. The Portland native will bring a model’s unique perspective to our Videofashion Daily coverage.”

In a nutshell – he’s signed on to serve as one of the hosts-of-the-day on Videofashion Daily during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week … in where else but NY.

Enough said about that. I just wanted to look at the pix one more time.

Great blog on Design Sponge. I am a design sponge. No I’m just a sponge, a fashion sponge, a culture sponge, a woman sponge. I’m just a sponge. And you’re not.

Strange and wonderful things take place when you’re blogging at 5 a.m. Well at least for me. Maybe not for you. Especially if you’re always up at 5 a.m. Anyway the blog … is from Studio Choo in San Francisco. It’s very informative and quite fun to read about someone else’s day. And very fun photos!13

I particularly like the floral shop aspect since I think that’s what I’ll do when I’m 85. I’m going to start my own floral business with vintage containers and live floral arrangements. I’m calling it Strictly Victorian. Don’t try to take the name … it’s already spoken for. Heheee.5281

So that’s my day at the office!

Shop on.

Bandaid dresses … my my my!

I was out and about today … shopping of course. And I had to check out what Nordstrom’s is doing. Have you ever been to Nordstrom’s on a Saturday evening? No? Let me tell you it is dead dead dead. Worse than dead, the clerks are all talking to each other since there are no shoppers to help. And if you’re trying on clothes, they will drive you crazy these bored sales clerks, because you’re the only shopper in the store for them to help.

Have you seen bandaid dresses? Oh My.

Harve Leger at Nordstrom's

Harve Leger at Nordstrom's

This is the Harve Leger bandaid dress. It retails for $1,450. Can I get into it? Probably. Would I wear it? Of course not.

This is the kind of dress that shows instantly if you drink a glass of water and eat a pickle.

I did adore the shoes they showed with the dress. They are Jimmy Choo’s and while you can’t see it, there’s a tiny zipper that runs up the back. Lovely aren’t they?

Jimmy Choo's 'Karina' Stud Mesh Pump

Jimmy Choo's 'Karina' Stud Mesh Pump

The shoes sell for $1,095. Such a bargain don’t you think?

If you want to look hot and sexy this is the dress for that occasion.

I’m feeling extremely guilty that I haven’t blogged more this summer. But I’ll get over it!

Shop on my friends!



originally uploaded by masonmasteka.

Love this photo my masonmasteka on Flickr!

The promise of a burrito

BBcolorLogoCropped2If you live in Irvington like I do you may have heard about the “saving” of Broadway Books in December of last year. As owner Roberta Dyer likes to say the “snow and the economy were both in freefall when Broadway Books had our 15 minutes of fame.”

What she is referring to is a marketing ploy enacted by her son Aaron back in December that is probably responsible for the store not having to close for financial reasons.

From his blog at , everydaydude (Aaron) declared (for reasons he describes in the post), that if people went into the store and spent $50 or more on books and then showed him the receipt, he would buy them a burrito.

“Meet me at Cha Cha Cha on SE Hawthorne in Portland on Friday January 16th at 6PM with a receipt from Broadway Books for over $50 and between today’s date and Christmas and I’m buying your kind ass a burrito.”

Being a good son who wanted to help his mom was his only motivation and the guerilla marketing tactic generated amazing attention by Portland’s bloggers as well as the media. It was the hit story of the holiday season.

Long story even longer, Roberta …. is repeating the burrito buy … sort of. Here’s her message from her monthly newsletter: “During the month of August, if you bring this newsletter in and make a purchase of $50 at Broadway Books, we’ll give you a gift card worth $10 at your local Cha! Cha! Cha! This offer is only available to our newsletter subscribers, so remember to bring this newsletter with you. And walk away with some good books to read while you’re having hat free burrito!”

Roberta Dyer

Roberta Dyer

So get off your butt, get online and sign up for the newsletter, print it out and take it over there and spend $50 of your hard earned (or not) cash. OK you should probably call ahead and make sure it’s all right with the store’s establishment because I’m writing this on Sunday night without having talked to Ms. Dyer. That number is (503) 284-1726.

As long as I’m at it their blog is called bookbroads blog! And their address is 1713 NE Broadway in NE Portland. Their Twitter name is the same as the blog – @bookbroads. They can be found on Facebook as well.

Buy more books and shop on!

Six Years Frockin’ & Rockin’ Your World!

Happy Anniversary Baby!

We Frock!

Thursday next you are cordially invited to celebrate with Ali Wykthuis and Angie Coffin Heiney at Frock Boutique on NE Alberta. Celebrate? Yahoo … yeah … woot woot … Celebrate what you query? Well six years of being the best, most fabulous, stylish, happening boutique on NE Alberta is all. The devil’s in the details:

Who: Ali & Angie, owners of Frock Boutique
What: 6th Anniversary Party
Where: 1439 NE Alberta St. Portland
When: Thursday, July 6 to 9 p.m.

“Join your friends @ Frock as we celebrate 6 years of frockin’ your world,” says Ali Wykthuis, Frock Boutique’s co-owner. “We’ll have popcorn and beverages as well as great sale items AND sultry summer dresses.”

Word is that the sultry summer dresses can be had for as little as $26 so – get your butkus over there for shopping and celebrating.

We Frock!

Amazing … Gorgeous Ceramics

19 Spitzer
19 SpitzerOK transparency wise I must tell you these ceramics were made by my sister Mara who recently showed at The Academy in Vancouver and also attended the Lower Fremont art show on Friday evening in Portland.

Check out her work. She also recently had her senior show in La Grande where she got her B.A. in Fine Art and will be getting an M.A. in teaching. I love it! I haven’t talked to her since last week but I hope she sold many a “house” at the show. 1Spitzer

If you’re interested in any of the ceramics you see here, contact me at and I’ll connect you with her!

Shop on!



Fresh & fabulous in P-Town

Did I mention the NE Alberta Sidewalk sale? I have been remiss if I have not. Because I will be there my

I was at the Frock Boutique last week and took some cool photos. I’m taking my 15 year old niece there to shop this week. She lives in La Grande (hates it, you know 15!!!) so I thought that a little bday retail therapy would cheer her up for her belated birthday gift!

Check out some of the cool accessories, kids clothes and funky jewelry and assorted merchandise you can’t find just anywhere in P-town!


And don’t miss the sidewalk sale on all of NE Alberta on July 11-12!



SHOP ON my friends!


First Thursday in July in the Pearl

News you can use … Thursday is yes, yes, that’s right — First Thursday in the Pearl. But you knew that of course because you are sooooo up on the hip and the happening yes? Mabel & Zora, one of my favorites in the Pearl, is celebrating with a big dress sale.

They’re offering 15% off all dresses this Thursday 7/2/09 from 5pm to 8pm in the Pearl location! The sale includes new arrivals from Butter, Trina Turk, Michael Stars, Veronica M, Donna Morgan and more!!! Owner Tiffanee Bean says the Butter dresses disappear in a flash.

I’m sure the Trina Turk designs do as well. This, in fact, is one of the Trina Turk dresses! (below right)

Strapless Trina Turk dress

Strapless Trina Turk dress

Stop in, enjoy some prosecco and find yourself a dress, save a few bucks! Other sales? Of course, check out Visage, Little Urbanites, Olivia Belle, Folly and Lizard Lounge!

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