Love where you live!

Want to get ahead of all your friends and acquaintances with the newest and best ever holiday décor? Want to make your good sister (the one who watches HGTV 24/7) green with jealousy? header_01

Get up right now and put Saturday, Nov. 7 on your calendar.  Then prepare to get your butt (and your wallet) to Home at Last at 1815 NE Broadway my very favorite store of all time. They’re having 20% off of all in-stock holiday décorhome and 15% off of all furniture special orders. And … you can enter their $250 shopping spree give-away.

That’s where I’ll be baby! Owner Dan Brungardt is my kind of shopper. He buys what I love! And then I’m broke by the time the holidays actually come around. But what the h… I mean you have to love where you live. I say splurge my dear. Splurge!

Here’s a few of the line he has acquired:

Annie Selke Home Upholstered FurnitureGoldBed3-4[5677]RectangleDiningTable&DemiluneSideTable_Detail3-4[5682]The latest in the store:


A New Year … celebrations

Can you believe this lampshade was redone like this with bias tape aka seam binding? gt076_seamshad01_l1

So easy if you’re familiar with seam binding. It’s already folded in half with the hems already folded under. Is this making sense? Probably not but I know exactly what I’m talking about. Hehe. Check out the details on Martha’s web page.

I think I’ve been in the house too long. This has been a long two weeks with too much food, too much party and it seems as though we’re dragging the holidays into February since we’re not celebrating with the kids until the weekend of Feb. 6. Crying out loud. It should be fun though to celebrate with my son and wife up at Mt. Hood.

More on that. Shop on!

Snowed in….

I cannot believe we have all this snow still in the rain capitol of the United States. And I (and probably everyone else in Metro Portland) have not finished with my Christmas shopping. Ah well, heavy sigh followed by twitch developed since being captive in my house for this whole time. Why was I not blogging you ask? Because our electricity … nothing to do with the storms of course, has been going off and one at odd times, in odd arrangements for odd lengths of time. Hence, I’ve been snuggled up under the covers where my tv and heater works all the time, watching movies. And eating. Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Today though, dear readers, I have emerged (a much fatter) yet renewed woman. I even took Sawyer thecorgi to the park for a big big romp. His feet and legs disappear completely when he walks through snow this deep but he plows his way through. He’s ever so cute … see?dsc_0065

I am posting an online gift guide this evening some time so come back for that. I’ll catch you up on who still has what.

steer clear of other drivers. Shop on!

Furever Pets … Great Doggie Treats & Gifts For Christmas!

Need an idea for Christmas gifts for the doggies? A friend of mine who is a massage therapist (Maddy Turner) also has  a business called Pawsative Touch. Can you guess who she massages? Yes you win the big Shopping Out Loud prize (worthless of course) for guessing that it’s massage for the doggies!

Check Maddy’s website. Trust me, if you get the gift of doggie massage that pup will never forget you.


She came over to massage Sawyer thecorgi the other day so I could see her techniques (I wrote a story about her business for the Oregonian). Sawyer is such a little boo boo. The minute Maddy laid hands on him his eyes rolled back in his head and all you could see were the whites of his eyes for the next 30 minutes. He didn’t move a muscle.  He’s such a little pushover.

Speaking of Sawyer thecorgi. I got him a new halter leash today at Furever Pets on NE Broadway. doggiesspot_lgimg

They remodeled the store a couple of months ago and it’s about twice the size these days – with lots more room for pet supplies, freezers for food and treats and many more toys and various asundry dog acoutrements.

I had also been looking for the dog ball of the century … and found it there.
Yes, it’s the Go-Frrr Ball with Slingshot-Action
I love this ball. It’s the best invention ever. And you don’t have to be a professional baseball player to get it to go unbelievably far! This makes a good doggie gift too.

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