Poppy & Ivy … in a pickle

Anyhoo … well I started this story on Facebook but you know those pesky little tiny test boxes will hardly let you talk at all I think that’s why I hate to twitter sometimes. I have a lot more to say. So I’m doing a photo shoot tomorrow in the am and then closing Poppy & Ivy in the afternoon (late afternoon). You know Poppy & Ivy in NE Alberta … if I’ve told you once I’ve told you … well, you know. Amy is having a party mind you and said on her Facebook page that she was in a pickle and you know how I hate for anyone to be in a pickly you know so I offered to close the store because I was not even invited to the party so … long story long I’m closing her store. Wow, speaking of a run on sentence I was ouf of breath after that one. You know how I love to babysit a retail store though. I can shop and shop and shop and shop and … well then I’ll have to close I guess. So sad.

So here I am and since I’m here I figured I might as well take photos. I’ll add those when I get back home.

Xnay on the photos aye. My camera battery was low from the photo shoot in the am. I’ll borrow some from Amy’s blog which is very funny btw.

There were a few people wandering around the different shops and restaurants last night. They were piping in smells from the New Orleans restaurant next door until I was dying.

Photo time:

So photo time wasn’t happening last night. Opened my camera and no battery! But here’s a photo dedicated to my friend Rachel Adams who is missing Mardi Gras very much bad since she’s from New Orleans. Happy King Cake Rachel ….

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Let Them Eat … Well You Know … Cake

Saturday, Jan. 24 is Poppy & Ivy’s second Birthday Bash. If you know Ms. Amy Holland at all, you know there will be cake, champagne, treats and the ever popular balloon bust (you KNOW you like it!).

Holland says she is every so thankful for her customer’s commitment to supporting local in tough times and “YOU deserve a treat! We look forward to seeing you,” Amy says.

Here’s a few of her new photos of vintage at Poppy & Ivy’s on lower Fremont (1315 NE Fremont).

Love vintage patterns!

Love vintage patterns!






Did I mention mimosas?

SHOP on!

What’s New in Ptown Babycakes?

Queen Bee Creations & Chickpea Baby

Here’s the perfect gift for women … all women all ages? Just about. It’s called a hip holster and they can be worn around the waist, hip shoulders, hips … just about anywhere. Aren’t they too cute?


 Queen Bee Creations – you know the wonderful business that was born and raised in Portland by Rebecca Pearcy? Well, it’s an early holiday sale only 12/5 through 12/7. In studio there’s 10% off all full price and marked down items. If you haven’t been you need to go! Queen Bee studio is located at 1847 E. Burnside. 

Queen Bee hearts  beat green – bags made with sustainable fabrics can also be found on the website.  They have new totes some with brand new designs and some are designs brought back from the past. Quantities are limited since some are special editions. Stop by the studio and check out the latest in Rebecca’s textile line – bold and beautiful. 

 And speaking of Lovable Portland Businesses ….

Check out the Olio United  web site today without fail. It’s their attitudes, their values … we heart them! Go there after you read about them online … they’re located at  1028 SE Water Ave. or call 503.542.5000. Everything you buy in the store today, Dec. 5 or at aliounited.com … 20% of sales goes to support local and global farming via Mercy Corps!

Check out these Bo Boots omg they’re cute. They’re kind of spendy at $300 but we love this store so much we forgive. Check the blog for the Give & Get Giveaway. 

snowflake_dark_2_lr_large They’re $300. What are your poor little dogs worth? Aren’t they worth spending a few more dollars just to keep those toes wrapped in these scrumptious slouch boots. There are three styles the plaid, knit snowflake and the short boarder. They’re lined with dreamy soft sheepskin. Doesn’t that just make you melt? Hmmm. I’m a little sleepy all of a sudden.  


Poppy & Ivy

Of course Poppy & Ivy is always on our goto list because we love Amy Hollands. She’s at 13th and NE Fremont. You’ll want to go there just to see her hair. I’m not kidding. AND she’s just written to tell me that this is the perfect time to gather old wine glasses, rare servging pieces, cake plates, cream and sugar sets, pedestal bowls and tea sets … INHALE then go on… “There’s nothing we like more than the look of a hunt and gathered table setting.”


Everything is 25% off my dear. Go there. She’s open tonight and every Friday until 8 p.m. through the holidays. 


Kitchen Kaboodle

If you claim to know me as some of you actually do … sorry I’m a little cranky today … I think I’ve found my anger as one of my sister’s would say. You know who you are sweetie! Anywhoo, yes Kitchen Kaboodle is always always always on my top 10 list. And here’s a little pot you’ll want to call your kettle black. WHAT? Crying out loud. Never mind. We love, love, love this little pot. 06857831

And their marketing people tell us that this little beauty is an original Italian stovetop espresso maker and will have you uttering “buono mattina!” – which means get up and make your own damn coffee dammit! Not really!

Here’s the deal on this deal. Put water in the bottom, ground coffee in the middle and turn on your burner. It’s pressure brewed into the top chamber. How easy is that? It comes in 5 sizes.  I can even make it and it’s sleek and modern like all Italian things. Have I mentioned that I can count to 10 in Italian? Uno, due … tre … quattro …. 


Poppy & Ivy We Love You!

Just got a note from Amy Hollands at Poppy & Ivy on NE Fremont. She’s going to be open seven days a week! Now open Sundays and Mondays.

Cool. It seems like it’s always Sunday afternoon when I’m on NE Fremont down there by Whole Foods and that restaurant on the corner that I can’t remember the name of but they have great breakfasts.

Where do those words jaspitjand names go btw? I’m reading a book right now called “Where did I leave my glasses” – it’s about memory … doh.


First of all it made me feel better that I’m not the only one (doddering idiot) out there stumbling around not being able to remember why I went into a different room, not only where I left my glasses but where I put my car keys, newspaper, glass of water … just about anything I had in my hand and what the *h* I was doing when I started doing something else and switched. Crying out loud.

Anyhoo … Amy has some of the best vintage around – home decor, jewelry, cards, gifts, pictures. She has things like that little glass curved glass jar with the red top that cuts up nuts when you turn it upside down;cute little aprons, teacups that look like your mother’s and adorable little vintage doll dresses. She also has new retro gifts and signs and collectibles like matchbox covers and game pieces. Here’s a little bit of what she carries. And if you love hilarity  … check out her blog – she’s one of the funniest women I know.   

This Friday is Lower Fremont’s final 2nd Friday Art Walk & Sidewalk Sale.

From 5-9 p.m. lower NE Fremont (15th NE), the stores will be open with additional discounts on all sale items. Here’s a few photos of some of her current offerings.


Shop on!

Sam Elliott … in Portland?

Oh and don’t forget to check out her blog about running into Sam Elliott at the Post Office in Portland. Crying out loud. Why doesn’t that ever happen to me? Love you Sam.

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