PDX women are the bees knees!

There are so many talented women in PDX it’s just amazing! Just go into one of the neighborhoods here and you’ll find incredible women doing what we love to do whether it’s creating inimitable, one-of-a-kind fashion, running chic, world class boutiques, authoring distinctive books or organizing fabulous events and trade shows – the women of Portland are extraordinary!

That’s all I wanted to say. Really … seriously, that’s it.

Shop on!

Be courageous; Go out and spend ….

You’ll want to drive out to Troutdale this weekend and/or this afternoon for Celebrate Me Home’s Spring Sale. You know how much I love this store. Check out this bed. 

By Stanley Furniture

By Stanley Furniture

May 25 is the last day of the Spring sale. Up to 20% off – there’s a schedule on discounts depending on how much you spend. Just so you can lead with … “here’s how much I saved” if, God forbid, you have to answer to someone about your spending habits.

I know times are hard. Everyone is suffering from lack of cash flow even if it’s self-imposed. Those who are unemployed don’t have any money and those who are employed are too scared to spend theirs anticipating more recession than we already have.

I say BE BRAVE … Get thee to a retail outlet and spend. You’ll be partly responsible for bringing the country out of recession. We will all be so very grateful. Use your credit cards. They’re starting to crack down on those insane finance charges that should frankly be against the law.  WEll, that’s my two cents hehehe!

Shop on!

Eat Your Vegetables!

‘Veggie Love’: PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad

I’m just sure you’ve seen the Veggie Love video that was supposedly banned by NBC for viewage during this Sunday’s Super Bowl? Go to the link if not. What do you think? The feminist take is that it’s using the female body to sell … broccoli?broccoli_tallthin

But the word is that given their other lame ads that have raised the ire of (you name them they’ve raised the ire) everyone re their marketing mavens and it’s all about publicity stunts.

I love my broccoli. But I’ve never gotten into the hot tub with it! You?

Hop on er … I mean SHOP ON!

Photos up for Art of Wedding Event!

dsc_0006OMYGOD the sun is shining. It shined yesterday as well. In Portland people feel like moles when the sun shines during the winter (and sometimes in the summer). So hurry, get out there and get it before it’s gone and don’t forget your sunglasses.  I took the dog to doggie daycare (Fetch on MLK) this morning so I have to have another excuse to get out there while the sun shines.

The Art of Weddings last night was a big success according to Ericka Dickey (Congrats Ericka!) and several attendees. The Luxe Autohaus is a great venue. Plus it’s very close to my house which is always a bonus!

Here’s a photo gallery of the vendors on hand for the event. They were all local, upscale businesses so great to have them in one place so you can shop ’til you drop.

Here’s a taste of the Art of Wedding:

Swanky Tables Event Design

Swanky Tables Event Design

Madi Cosmetics

Madi Cosmetics

Studio del Fiore

Studio del Fiore


Fleur Bliss

Fleur Bliss

Darkness Falls Design

Darkness Falls Design





Elizabeth Dye Design

Elizabeth Dye Design

Weddings … An Art Form

The Art of Weddings
And if you’ve been part of a wedding, and who hasn’t as a relative or as the person who is marrying, you know it is an art.

There are bridal shows in Portland and there are bridal shows. This event is different. It’s branded as a Couture Bridal Event with a couture bridal fashion show featuring hand-made gowns from Kate Towers, Amei Unmei, Lille Boutique, Garnish and Elizabeth Dye and The English Department. Also hand-made men’s suits by Duchess Clothier and lingerie by Oh Baby.

Swag Bags
Bridal swag bags will be given to participants, with goodies from participating vendors.

There will also be:
Cake sampling with Karren’s Specialty Cakes dsc_0055_2
Chocolate tasting with Missionary Chocolates
Try new bridal makeup and hair by Madi
Bridal photo shoot with Jasmine Photography
$100 off custom wedding invitations by 1st Comes Love for any wedding booked at the event!
Grand Bridal Raffle featuring amazing prizes (just a sampling): One Night Fresh & Chic Getaway at Hotel Lucia, 1 hour engagement session with website and $50 print credit from Jasmine Photography (value $300), Custom Invitation Package from 1st Comes Love ($275 value). All proceeds benefit Go Red for Women.

Laura Shinn, Editor of Oregon Bride Magazine and a contributor to Willamette Week will emcee the event.

Date: Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009
Location: LUXE Autohaus (corner of NE 17th & Glisan).
Time: 5-9 p.m.
Admission: 2 guests $20, $25 at the door.

America Thighs; The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets

Dear Jill Conner Browne:

Love the title of your new book. Are those actually your thighs on the cover? How did you preserve them? Have you tried vinegar? Is it true you use all profits from your books for cosmetic surgery on every part of your body? Is it true that you are dating the cutest boy in the world? Can you recommend anyone in Portland to remake my thighs? Can’t wait to get your reply. Love, your best fan who reads every book you’ve written … Judith.

SPQ at Powells

SPQ at Powells

Only 14 days until Jill Conner Browne’s new book drops. I know that term is meant for cd’s but I wanted to use it to sound cool because I never get to write about cd’s. Of course it’s my business so I could write about them if I wanted to I suppose. I digress.

c_0743278380Anywhoo… the new book is entitled “American Thighs – The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets.” She is so stinking funny. Gotta love her. She writes that “If I can save one woman from these thighs, I will not have lived in vain.”

Of course she can’t resist saying … “Since to say Youth is wasted on the Young has got to be the understatement of all time …”

Her list of Asset-Preserving Tips reportedly include:

  • Why women have risked their lives just to get a little bit blonder (I can vouch for that … it takes a real woman to leave that bleach on for “just one little minute more”)
  • How the muumuu has been fashionably resurrected as the “patio dress”
  • Why it’s important to always have a good photo of yourself on hand – just in case (so true, so so true)
  • How, no matter what skin you’re in, to make it last a lifetime and …
  • Why you can never trust anyone over eighty-five

Ohhh my. I can hardly wait to read about the dreaded transition from “cute girl” to “ma’am!

We love you ma’am er, I mean Jill Conner Browne.

Flor and/or Floor … six 6×6 samples … $6

Yes I know. Kind of confusing. Have you seen the Flor carpet squares? I’ll drop in samples of the different varieties as we speak. tehe. Form and function.

You can look at all the variances all day long (which you can  catalog now.) Yes, they're 12x12 tiles.

Well they’re not all squares. They came out in 2003 and I wrote about them at the time a couple of years ago, but they’re just expanded like craziness. And Martha’s stepped on board … you know “seen on Martha Stewart’s Show.” Or maybe she was already on board.florgraphic






You know it’s so hard to tell. But here’s what they say: 

Launched in the spring of 2003 and based in Elmhurst, Illinois (just outside Chicago), FLOR is a line of design-inspired carpet squares for the home that lets you create unique area rugs, runners or wall-to-wall carpet designs quickly and easily.

The company was founded on the idea that carpet could be fun, stylish, practical and responsible. We think FLOR carpet tiles answer the call. The modular design means you can customize FLOR to fit any size space, even the most difficult layout, and take FLOR with you wherever you go. FLOR is also eco-friendly having some of the lowest Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOCs) in the industry. Plus, FLOR comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures so it gives you freedom to create exactly the right design for your room and your style. 

Here’s another taste of the choices you’re going to be faced with. Remember with choice comes responsibility! Shop on. 




Whoo hoo … finally a winner … of something WOW

I was just informed that I was chosen as one of the top 25 writers who have “strong voices, varied backgrounds and wonderful expertise and viewpoints to share with our Women On Writing!” according to Annette Fix. Women on Writing is a blog (duh) and web site that’s surprisingly deep. 

Ultimately, WOW! hopes to contribute to the love, enjoyment and excitement of producing quality writing–so that the reader in all of us will never want for good material, in any form.

Check out the site. There’s also information on writer retreats, featured writers, writing sites, agencies, even onlne writing prompts and publishing houses. 

“Women are not a minority, they are the majority.”

WOW! is a global magazine, designed to support women’s creativity, energy, blood, sweat and tears, throughout all stages of the writing process. We envision Wow! being a favorite watering hole for professionals, the up-and-coming, and the recipients of our labors–the avid readers. 

Our concept is unique, as it fills in the missing gap between writing websites and women’s magazines. We are dedicated to raising the overall standards within the writing community, and devote an active profile within writing industry associations, organizations and websites.

WOW! is committed to excellence in every way, in our work ethic, in the products and services we provide, and in our relationships with our readers, contributors, freelancers, interviewees, advertisers, and subscribers. We strive to be fair, honest and courteous in all of our dealings.

Martha oh Martha Stewart how we love thee!

Don’t we love to love Martha … or at least dish about her. It was cupcake week on the Martha Stewart Show. Who needs that kind of harrassment? I almost got in my car and headed down to St. Cupcake. And it’s Friday even so they have those red choclatey ahhh…. the red velvet cupcakes! They have them on Friday and Saturday. Oh my.

“A classic buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa and screaming red. topped with a dollup of our classic vanilla cream cheese icing. she’s sassy AND frassy. like a true sassafrass should be.” There is a goddess. OMG. Thankfully I talked myself down before I made it to the car. Heavy sigh

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