Dakota, Joe, Sarah and the Queen (Latifah)

The Secret Life of Bees … Remember how good the book?

By Sue Monk Kidd?

Loved reading that book. It was one of those you wish would keeping going on for another 300 pages! The movie has Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah. Comes out first week in October. The Queen has lost 20 lbs on Jenny Craig. You don’t say!

Speaking of food and I was, wasn’t I? I like that New Seasons is locally owned. I also love their “shop online” option. AND they deliver for Pete’s sake  If you want it delivered it’s $9.95 but  you can pick it up at the store for $4.95. I tried it last spring and loved it! I just can’t justify it since I’m working from home now and have more free time. Guilt … yep raised Catholic.

Rubbermaid is following me. On Twitter. What does that mean I wonder? I did go on their web page to look what they have these days. Who know they have closet organizers. I really want the fast track multipurpose hook. They’re out of stock. Heavy sigh.

I did have to check out their closet organizers. Holy cow. Could my closets really look like that?

I need a professional organizer. No I don’t mean someone who just gives me advice. No, no, no my dear. Someone who will come to my house and HELP me!

Be still my beating heart. 

Did  you watch THE debate last night? Well, we’ve all heard enough shall I be the first to say it? CRITICISM. Although I was suprised how well she did on her homework. My, my she must have had those pr primpers working overtime. I almost lost it when she did the omy gosh joe shmoe thing whatever it was. I wanted to puke. And the way he was smiling at her a couple of times! Get with it Mr. Biden. We saw how down and dirty you can get back in the day during the Watergate hearings. Remember he chaired that committee? Oh my god I am soooo old. I am tossing all my eggs in the “I’m counting on the intelligence of the American people” basket. Don’t fail me now. 

Shop on!



It’s the New, New Thing: Watch Sarah Palin – Hack the Debate!

I can hardly wait. It’s 1.5 hours and counting! I’ll be watching the debate and twittering …. Tweeting? Current and Twitter are teaming up so you can tweet and watch at the same time. Does it get any better than this? If you’re in Portland (OR) you can join others to see the debate at the Baghdad Theatre on NE Broadway.

McMenamins and CBS/KOIN local 6 present …VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE

Televised live from Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Doors 5 p.m.; debate 6 p.m. | Free | All ages welcome

 “Catch all the action on our big screen, do an interview on your perspectives with Mike Donahue or other KOIN local 6 talent and maybe even have a beer and some pizza while you watch.”

I’m just saying … what does one wear to a debate? Well, probably a pencil thin skirt … with a nappy little boxy jacket. Can you say Alfani?

Oh puhlese, where else do you shop if you’re way up there in Alaska. Plus she’s got to be way too busy while she’s down here prepping for the big debate tonight. OK maybe Cindy McCain lent her one of her designer suits.

Here’s one! The military look would go quite well with her ah… philosophy on life.

Or this Ralph Lauren number with the leather skirt.

No one ever called her pc. Really I do empathize. Seriously. 

Excuse me I have to go pimp er I mean primp for the evening’s festivities!

Shop On!


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