Judith Spitzer is an independent journalist, columnist and online producer. She graduated from Metropolitan University, in Denver, Colo. with a B.A. in journalism, speech and sociology. The mother of two grown children she is also yia yia to one 16 year old grandson and a 2.5 year old grandson. She is married to Bob and they reside in Irvington with Lucky the cat (who is just not that lucky) and Sawyer thecorgi (long story).

Spitzer loves to shop … anywhere … tag sales, estate sales, boutiques — just about any kind of shopping. Shopping is her avocation. She has always wanted a job with shopping in the job description.

Her other talents include floral design, painting (houses & pictures), interior design, photography, sewing and crafting ala Martha Stewart and, of course, more shopping. She has a passion for children, elegant home decor, the best deal in town and women’s issues.

After a three + year blogging stint for OregonLive.com, she returned to being a freelance journalist and blogger in the Pacific Northwest. She blogs about life, shopping, kids, home decor, books and women’s issues. She is a working journalist and is available to do freelance magazine and/or newspaper writing.

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