French Letter Condom Company – no letter just condoms

I was just reading some of my emails this morning, minding my very own business of course since I work alone can no longer mind anyone else’s business heavy sigh, when I came upon these adorable little gifts called French Letter Condoms. They’re a company of brits who apparently were bored by the beige condoms from back in the day and needed a bit of color to add excitement to the ah experience. Oh yes I was on btw.frenchletter

Who is the French Letter Condom Company?

So happy you asked. They are Olli, Bernice and Martyn “a trio dedicated to offering you … the opportunity of making love with an eye on fair play. Olli Knows about condoms (he has been making them in Germany for a long time). Martyn knows about what and where condoms are sold and Bernice knows about lovely things. Together they bring you French Letter Condoms.

Their motto is Fair Play.

No really.

They swear the condoms are very safe, high quality for discerning and lovely customers. AND your lovemaking will benefit workers on rubber plantations as a royalty on each pack goes to help ensure their wages are fair and healthcare and pensions are provided.

They come in four lovely colors: a turquoise blue, lemon yellow, light lavender and hot pink.

P.S. There are no letters to read before you put the condoms on.

Shop on!

A New Year … celebrations

Can you believe this lampshade was redone like this with bias tape aka seam binding? gt076_seamshad01_l1

So easy if you’re familiar with seam binding. It’s already folded in half with the hems already folded under. Is this making sense? Probably not but I know exactly what I’m talking about. Hehe. Check out the details on Martha’s web page.

I think I’ve been in the house too long. This has been a long two weeks with too much food, too much party and it seems as though we’re dragging the holidays into February since we’re not celebrating with the kids until the weekend of Feb. 6. Crying out loud. It should be fun though to celebrate with my son and wife up at Mt. Hood.

More on that. Shop on!

Furever Pets … Great Doggie Treats & Gifts For Christmas!

Need an idea for Christmas gifts for the doggies? A friend of mine who is a massage therapist (Maddy Turner) also has  a business called Pawsative Touch. Can you guess who she massages? Yes you win the big Shopping Out Loud prize (worthless of course) for guessing that it’s massage for the doggies!

Check Maddy’s website. Trust me, if you get the gift of doggie massage that pup will never forget you.


She came over to massage Sawyer thecorgi the other day so I could see her techniques (I wrote a story about her business for the Oregonian). Sawyer is such a little boo boo. The minute Maddy laid hands on him his eyes rolled back in his head and all you could see were the whites of his eyes for the next 30 minutes. He didn’t move a muscle.  He’s such a little pushover.

Speaking of Sawyer thecorgi. I got him a new halter leash today at Furever Pets on NE Broadway. doggiesspot_lgimg

They remodeled the store a couple of months ago and it’s about twice the size these days – with lots more room for pet supplies, freezers for food and treats and many more toys and various asundry dog acoutrements.

I had also been looking for the dog ball of the century … and found it there.
Yes, it’s the Go-Frrr Ball with Slingshot-Action
I love this ball. It’s the best invention ever. And you don’t have to be a professional baseball player to get it to go unbelievably far! This makes a good doggie gift too.

What’s New in Ptown Babycakes?

Queen Bee Creations & Chickpea Baby

Here’s the perfect gift for women … all women all ages? Just about. It’s called a hip holster and they can be worn around the waist, hip shoulders, hips … just about anywhere. Aren’t they too cute?


 Queen Bee Creations – you know the wonderful business that was born and raised in Portland by Rebecca Pearcy? Well, it’s an early holiday sale only 12/5 through 12/7. In studio there’s 10% off all full price and marked down items. If you haven’t been you need to go! Queen Bee studio is located at 1847 E. Burnside. 

Queen Bee hearts  beat green – bags made with sustainable fabrics can also be found on the website.  They have new totes some with brand new designs and some are designs brought back from the past. Quantities are limited since some are special editions. Stop by the studio and check out the latest in Rebecca’s textile line – bold and beautiful. 

 And speaking of Lovable Portland Businesses ….

Check out the Olio United  web site today without fail. It’s their attitudes, their values … we heart them! Go there after you read about them online … they’re located at  1028 SE Water Ave. or call 503.542.5000. Everything you buy in the store today, Dec. 5 or at … 20% of sales goes to support local and global farming via Mercy Corps!

Check out these Bo Boots omg they’re cute. They’re kind of spendy at $300 but we love this store so much we forgive. Check the blog for the Give & Get Giveaway. 

snowflake_dark_2_lr_large They’re $300. What are your poor little dogs worth? Aren’t they worth spending a few more dollars just to keep those toes wrapped in these scrumptious slouch boots. There are three styles the plaid, knit snowflake and the short boarder. They’re lined with dreamy soft sheepskin. Doesn’t that just make you melt? Hmmm. I’m a little sleepy all of a sudden.  


Poppy & Ivy

Of course Poppy & Ivy is always on our goto list because we love Amy Hollands. She’s at 13th and NE Fremont. You’ll want to go there just to see her hair. I’m not kidding. AND she’s just written to tell me that this is the perfect time to gather old wine glasses, rare servging pieces, cake plates, cream and sugar sets, pedestal bowls and tea sets … INHALE then go on… “There’s nothing we like more than the look of a hunt and gathered table setting.”


Everything is 25% off my dear. Go there. She’s open tonight and every Friday until 8 p.m. through the holidays. 


Kitchen Kaboodle

If you claim to know me as some of you actually do … sorry I’m a little cranky today … I think I’ve found my anger as one of my sister’s would say. You know who you are sweetie! Anywhoo, yes Kitchen Kaboodle is always always always on my top 10 list. And here’s a little pot you’ll want to call your kettle black. WHAT? Crying out loud. Never mind. We love, love, love this little pot. 06857831

And their marketing people tell us that this little beauty is an original Italian stovetop espresso maker and will have you uttering “buono mattina!” – which means get up and make your own damn coffee dammit! Not really!

Here’s the deal on this deal. Put water in the bottom, ground coffee in the middle and turn on your burner. It’s pressure brewed into the top chamber. How easy is that? It comes in 5 sizes.  I can even make it and it’s sleek and modern like all Italian things. Have I mentioned that I can count to 10 in Italian? Uno, due … tre … quattro …. 


Martha Stewart and Oprah’s favorite chocolates!

And speaking of great gifts, have you heard of Lilliebelle Farms artisan chocolates?  Oh my.

I was in Jacksonville last month doing a series of stories on some of the tourist sites and of course shopping, in Southern Oregon. Lillebelle Farms is located in Central Point, which is very near to Meford.

Let me tell you about my favorite chocolates – the Cayenne Caramels.

Raising the delectable candy up to your lips, you inhale first the sweet, rich smell of the chocolate. As you slowly (please) bite into it you taste the creamy expected richness of the divine sweetness.

Next your mouth is filled with the velvety, sweet caramel as your eyes drift part way closed so you can shut out the visual and concentrate on your taste buds.

Finally, finally the hot, hot bite of the cayenne pepper catches you by surprise as it cuts into the chocolate and caramel – swirling and streaming down a final sweet and hot path down your throat.

Rumor has it that Martha Stewart discovered the artisan chocolates and sent box after box of the Lavender Sea Salt chocolates to friends two years ago at the holidays. Then Oprah followed suit and Lilliebelle’s hasn’t had a spare moment since.

They are a tad spendy but worth each and every cent.


Shop on!

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