Portland Fashion Week … Spring Summer 2010 dates set

Portland Fashion Week announced recently that they’re accepting designer applications for Spring/Summer 2010 Collections which will launch Oct. 7-11, 2009 in Portland from the bamboo-runway in the green building of 13 Square in the Pearl District in downtown Portland. According to PFW several internationally known independent and eco labels from around the country “and the world” are launching the season’s collections.

And I quote: “After being the first sustainable production of a fashion week in the world in 2007, this year Portland Fashion Week continues it commitment to eco-responsiblity and high fashion.” They are supporting Children’s Cancer Association this year according to the web site.

Jaysun Spieth "The Photographers"

Jaysun Spieth "The Photographers"

PFW tada kicks off tonight ….

It’s opening night of Portland Fashion Week tonight at 14 Square (1330 NW Overton) with Icebreaker kicking off the festivities along with a production dreamed up by the Art Institute of Portland. The alumni of AI will reveal their repurposed graduation duds aka the “little black dress” contest.

 The first ever all-green fashion show – think sustainable runway, sustainable hair and makeup – was produced here in Portland last October. And although we are used to all things green here, the fashion world raved. Nay, the entire world (OK those that cared) raved.

 This year sustainability has grown and the venue rocks. For the next five days … from Oct. 8-12 … 20 strong, mostly local designers will each launch their spring collections. Check the PFW website for specifics and tickets. Heavy sigh followed by big yawn. Yes, we know. It’s all green baby.

 What’s in store for those who care about such things on the eve of Portland Fashion Week 2008? Well here you go….

Among the indie designers:

Sarah Wallace who interned under none-other-than Sofada owner Alice Dobson. Wallace just opened Lucia in the Pearl District about six months ago and business is reportedly booming.

Sofada’s Spring line is all you would expect from Alice Dobson. She wasn’t Best Debut of the New York Fashion Show for Paper Doll Magazine several years ago for nothing. Here her oh-so-soft, sensual fabrics expand femininity and grace.

New to the show this year … Christopher Bevans, worn by fans Jay-Z and John Legend, was just featured last month in Rolling Stone Magazine with a three-page spread.

Other PFW designers include Collier, Sameunderneath, Idom, Icebreaker, Nike Considered and more! 


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