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I had a deadline last week … a baby shower for my daughter-in-law over the weekend. Nothing better than a deadline to get me shopping for furniture to update the living room. So it was Potter Barn or Pier I, since I had 10% off coupons for both stores. I know I can always find something at Pier I and I was right. I got a floor lamp to match the table lamp I bought several months ago. I love how the gold in the shade vibrates off the taupe depending on what time of day it is. lamp

I also found two end tables at Pottery Barn that I put together to make a coffee table.

Check out these two:


Portland Fashion Week … Spring Summer 2010 dates set

Portland Fashion Week announced recently that they’re accepting designer applications for Spring/Summer 2010 Collections which will launch Oct. 7-11, 2009 in Portland from the bamboo-runway in the green building of 13 Square in the Pearl District in downtown Portland. According to PFW several internationally known independent and eco labels from around the country “and the world” are launching the season’s collections.

And I quote: “After being the first sustainable production of a fashion week in the world in 2007, this year Portland Fashion Week continues it commitment to eco-responsiblity and high fashion.” They are supporting Children’s Cancer Association this year according to the web site.

Jaysun Spieth "The Photographers"

Jaysun Spieth "The Photographers"

Mimosa … it’s the color for 2009

Rumor has it (NY Fashion Week and the Pantone Fall 2009 color forecast) that colors will be muted rather than the bright, flashy metallics and jeweled tones that we’ve been seeing for a couple of seasons. I’m fine with going back to the basic classic colors. I could live in all black with touches of (blue) red and white for that matter. Added bonus, you don’t have to buy as many clothes – you can mix and match with accessories and wear the same basic suits.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize … it’s going to be your mantra for fall shopping! The disadvantage? If you have coloring like mine and you don’t look good in muted tones. Well, black and white are going to be your favorite colors again.



And the color of the year? Mimosa and I quote ….

“Best illustrated by the abundant flowers of the Mimosa tree and the sparkle of the brilliantly hued cocktail, the 2009 color of the year represents the hopeful and radiant characteristics associated with the color yellow. Mimosa is a versatile shade that coordinates with any other color, has appeal for men and women and translates to both fashion and interiors.”

Yes it certainly is a vibrant hue.

Weddings … An Art Form

The Art of Weddings
And if you’ve been part of a wedding, and who hasn’t as a relative or as the person who is marrying, you know it is an art.

There are bridal shows in Portland and there are bridal shows. This event is different. It’s branded as a Couture Bridal Event with a couture bridal fashion show featuring hand-made gowns from Kate Towers, Amei Unmei, Lille Boutique, Garnish and Elizabeth Dye and The English Department. Also hand-made men’s suits by Duchess Clothier and lingerie by Oh Baby.

Swag Bags
Bridal swag bags will be given to participants, with goodies from participating vendors.

There will also be:
Cake sampling with Karren’s Specialty Cakes dsc_0055_2
Chocolate tasting with Missionary Chocolates
Try new bridal makeup and hair by Madi
Bridal photo shoot with Jasmine Photography
$100 off custom wedding invitations by 1st Comes Love for any wedding booked at the event!
Grand Bridal Raffle featuring amazing prizes (just a sampling): One Night Fresh & Chic Getaway at Hotel Lucia, 1 hour engagement session with website and $50 print credit from Jasmine Photography (value $300), Custom Invitation Package from 1st Comes Love ($275 value). All proceeds benefit Go Red for Women.

Laura Shinn, Editor of Oregon Bride Magazine and a contributor to Willamette Week will emcee the event.

Date: Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009
Location: LUXE Autohaus (corner of NE 17th & Glisan).
Time: 5-9 p.m.
Admission: 2 guests $20, $25 at the door.

Michelle Obama … Giving Her the WOW Factor


“The name of the game is taking care of yourself, because you’re going

to live long enough to wish you had.”

— Grace Mirabella

That quote by Grace Mirabella is terribly prescient isn’t it? I only wish someone had told me before I didn’t take care of myself! Grace Mirabella … just a tiny notation for those who were born after say … 1980 … ARGH EEEK … will note that Mirabella was editor of Vogue Magazine after fashion icon Diana Vreeland and before “Devil Wears Prada” inspiration Anna Wintour. Mirabella also had her own fashion magazine in the 1990s called “Mirabella.” 

But I digress. 

I’ve been thinking about Michelle Obama lately and which designers would compliment her body shape, her coloring and her sense of style.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

I know how busy she must be so I’ve taken it upon myself to help her with a list of impressive designers that will give her the WOW! factor while staying within the confines of what is considered fitting for a woman in her position … First Woman.

This is just an aside but  … why do we say First Lady anyway? I hate that reference. It sounds trite and pedestrian. Technically, Lady is a British title used originally as a courtesy title for the daughter of an earl, marquess or duke. It’s also used for the wife of a wife of a viscount, earl, marquess, baron, baronet or knight. The First Lady is not an elected position, carries no official duties and receives no salary. It’s just a title that we (read men) made up.

Anyhoo … check the blog next week as I’m going to be playing and dressing up First Lady Michelle Obama. Well someone has to do it. It might as well be me! 

Shop on!

YES WE CAN and so can Michelle Obama!


From the concession speech by John McCain to the incredible crowds all over the country, last night was pure magic. It’s the closest thing to a miracle I’ve seen in my lifetime. Transformation is upon us. I really believe that. I was so inspired by Obama’s acceptance speech … I was brought to tears several times while he was speaking last night. 

I’m feeling so much hope for the future – not just because Obama is now President Elect Obama, but because of the thousands of people across the country who voted for the first time – no matter who they voted for – and because I saw hope in the faces in the crowds last night after the decisive victory.

As a tribe it seems we have been in a depressed, fearful and deeply apprehensive place for the past 4-6 years … especially since 911. I feel that lifted last night at least for a moment in time. Reality will be upon us but it will come with a lingering sense of hope for the future.

Well, enough waxing philosophical. I love Michelle Obama … her loyalty to her husband and family, her poise, her intellect and integrity. Still, the black and red dress. So sad that she chose it. I think it was an anomaly. She isn’t known for wearing “cheap” looking clothes. All right she does shop at White House/Black Market, J Crew, H&M and other middle of the road retail outlets but … that’s where I shop. So I’ve been liking what she’s worn on the campaign trail for the most part.

And, she’s taken us back to wearing feminine yet strong clothing. That said … now she can pump up her wardrobe a bit and I’m sure she will be spending a bit more on her clothes within her personal and progressive style choices. 

Michelle, her husband and their two girls, Malia and Sasha.

Michelle, her husband and their two girls, Malia and Sasha.


But as Charlotte Observer’s Style Editor says “Self confidence is sexier than any stiletto or tight dress. And it matches everything you own.” Enough said I think.

Self confidence she has in spades. Here’s a little fashion trip down recent memory lane. 

I don’t think she did too badly with her choice of dress on the campaign trail. 

Check it out! 



Dress For Success Sale; Portland on Another Top Ten List

Today and tomorrow – Dress For Success Benefit Used Clothing Sale at Acey’s Closed in the Hollywood neighborhood at the corner of NE Sandy and 37th (next door to the aforementioned store).

Today 10-5 p.m. and tomorrow from 12-4. Meet me there! Suits are $25, Jacekts for $15 and blouses, pants and skirts are $10 each. No, this is not someone else’s seconds. The designer clothing includes Ann Taylor, St. John, R Lauren, Coach and Tahari. 

I love this organization. The non-profit does so much for women, the least of which is supplying disadvantaged women a suit to wear for critical job interviews. A shout out to them.

Did you know Portland is on the 10 ten list … another one you query? Yes, indeedy. The Travel Blissful web site says it’s so.

Walk More City Rankings  rated the top most walkable neighborhoods in the top 40 US cities and Portland came in 10th! Number 1? San Francisco. Duh…. Seattle number 6. Yep.


Shop on!

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