A New Year … celebrations

Can you believe this lampshade was redone like this with bias tape aka seam binding? gt076_seamshad01_l1

So easy if you’re familiar with seam binding. It’s already folded in half with the hems already folded under. Is this making sense? Probably not but I know exactly what I’m talking about. Hehe. Check out the details on Martha’s web page.

I think I’ve been in the house too long. This has been a long two weeks with too much food, too much party and it seems as though we’re dragging the holidays into February since we’re not celebrating with the kids until the weekend of Feb. 6. Crying out loud. It should be fun though to celebrate with my son and wife up at Mt. Hood.

More on that. Shop on!

In a word … Valentino … ohmy


Valentino … in a word … it stands alone doesn’t it? valentinosoleil1





Today is my birthday. 

Happy Birthday to my own self.

I am celebrating the entire month of November.


Here is a photo of NBC News’ Ann Curry who is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.


It is also Ann Curry’s birthday. She’s 52. I’m just saying. What I’m not just saying is which birthday I’m celebrating. But I surely could not climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Congrats Ann! Rumor has it that she only heard about the assignment three weeks ago so there wasn’t really time to train. Here’s an excerpt from the AP story that ran today:

“This is like climbing a Stairmaster for six hours a day with 20 pounds on your back,” Curry said in a telephone interview from her tent following Saturday’s climb.

She’s hardly an experienced climber. The last mountain she scaled was half the size, and she did it while in college, said Curry, who turns 52 on Wednesday. She learned of the assignment only three weeks ago, giving her little time to train.

Her climb is plotted out so that if she does make it to the summit of the 19,000-plus-foot Tanzanian mountain, it will be shown during Friday’s edition of “Today.”

Happy Birthday Ann!

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