The promise of a burrito

BBcolorLogoCropped2If you live in Irvington like I do you may have heard about the “saving” of Broadway Books in December of last year. As owner Roberta Dyer likes to say the “snow and the economy were both in freefall when Broadway Books had our 15 minutes of fame.”

What she is referring to is a marketing ploy enacted by her son Aaron back in December that is probably responsible for the store not having to close for financial reasons.

From his blog at , everydaydude (Aaron) declared (for reasons he describes in the post), that if people went into the store and spent $50 or more on books and then showed him the receipt, he would buy them a burrito.

“Meet me at Cha Cha Cha on SE Hawthorne in Portland on Friday January 16th at 6PM with a receipt from Broadway Books for over $50 and between today’s date and Christmas and I’m buying your kind ass a burrito.”

Being a good son who wanted to help his mom was his only motivation and the guerilla marketing tactic generated amazing attention by Portland’s bloggers as well as the media. It was the hit story of the holiday season.

Long story even longer, Roberta …. is repeating the burrito buy … sort of. Here’s her message from her monthly newsletter: “During the month of August, if you bring this newsletter in and make a purchase of $50 at Broadway Books, we’ll give you a gift card worth $10 at your local Cha! Cha! Cha! This offer is only available to our newsletter subscribers, so remember to bring this newsletter with you. And walk away with some good books to read while you’re having hat free burrito!”

Roberta Dyer

Roberta Dyer

So get off your butt, get online and sign up for the newsletter, print it out and take it over there and spend $50 of your hard earned (or not) cash. OK you should probably call ahead and make sure it’s all right with the store’s establishment because I’m writing this on Sunday night without having talked to Ms. Dyer. That number is (503) 284-1726.

As long as I’m at it their blog is called bookbroads blog! And their address is 1713 NE Broadway in NE Portland. Their Twitter name is the same as the blog – @bookbroads. They can be found on Facebook as well.

Buy more books and shop on!

America Thighs; The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets

Dear Jill Conner Browne:

Love the title of your new book. Are those actually your thighs on the cover? How did you preserve them? Have you tried vinegar? Is it true you use all profits from your books for cosmetic surgery on every part of your body? Is it true that you are dating the cutest boy in the world? Can you recommend anyone in Portland to remake my thighs? Can’t wait to get your reply. Love, your best fan who reads every book you’ve written … Judith.

SPQ at Powells

SPQ at Powells

Only 14 days until Jill Conner Browne’s new book drops. I know that term is meant for cd’s but I wanted to use it to sound cool because I never get to write about cd’s. Of course it’s my business so I could write about them if I wanted to I suppose. I digress.

c_0743278380Anywhoo… the new book is entitled “American Thighs – The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets.” She is so stinking funny. Gotta love her. She writes that “If I can save one woman from these thighs, I will not have lived in vain.”

Of course she can’t resist saying … “Since to say Youth is wasted on the Young has got to be the understatement of all time …”

Her list of Asset-Preserving Tips reportedly include:

  • Why women have risked their lives just to get a little bit blonder (I can vouch for that … it takes a real woman to leave that bleach on for “just one little minute more”)
  • How the muumuu has been fashionably resurrected as the “patio dress”
  • Why it’s important to always have a good photo of yourself on hand – just in case (so true, so so true)
  • How, no matter what skin you’re in, to make it last a lifetime and …
  • Why you can never trust anyone over eighty-five

Ohhh my. I can hardly wait to read about the dreaded transition from “cute girl” to “ma’am!

We love you ma’am er, I mean Jill Conner Browne.

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