Black Tie Violets for the holidays!

I have to get out of the house and start shopping. I’m nearly ready for the holidays … I desperately need to do some retail therapy for myself. Did I mention Nordstrom’s is having their half-yearly clearance sale? Bonus – Clinique is having their gift with purchase sale! You know you love all those mini versions of Clinique products.d_200911_blacktie_hdr2


Shimmering Stripes Powder Blusher


Brush-on Cream Liner


Eye Shadow Quad

I just saw one of the holiday sets called Black Tie Violets. The blush (in the middle in this photo) is shades of Tuxedo Plums that dust your face, neck and decolletage (love that word) with shades of pinks/plum.

And the four eye shadows are scrumptious in the quad limited edition. There is also a cream eye liner in Violet Luxe that glides along the lashline. And, no it does not make your eyelashes grow a la Brooke Shields.

Love love love these colors. They were made for me you know!

Shop on!

Garnish yourself now….

I wasn’t shopping today until I came across (while cleaning out my email I’m innocent here I tell you) a blurb from Garnish (one of the best NE Alberta has to offer) about their 50% off silk sale. How can you not answer a 50% off silk sale? Excluding wedding dresses and slips of course.

I actually was looking there last week at one of their slips to wear (under) something but not the entire under … something else for the wedding at the end of the month. If I an get away with only buying one dress for the summer wouldn’t that be cool since I don’t want to buy anything until I lose those 40 lbs.

the Grace Dress

the Grace Dress

Amanda Dress in Black

Amanda Dress in Black

red embroidered skirt

Heavy sigh.

Speaking of those 40 lbs. though, did you know Garnish has many, many, many styles in XL? They have their completely own sizing theory which I don’t have memorized yet but then it’s like a wonderful surprise every time you visit there.  I love it when not everyone demands that you become a size 6 in order to wear great fashion. Check out these two little black dresses. Garnish carries some of the best little black dresses you’ll set your baby blues on in PDX! New Sophie dresses, Amanda dresses and Nadine skirts.

The latest newsletter btw besides 50% off silks is an announcement of some import! “You told us what you love and we listened. In response, we are making a run of our most popular dresss and skirts using our new organic cotton fabrics. Available in split pea green, dark teal and brown,” according to owners Erica and Kate.


Garnish. I love the whole idea of embellishment!

Shop on!

Whopper Virgins … who knew?

Have you seen the documentary – and I use the term loosely – called Whopper Virgins? It’s about people from around the world who have never seen, tasted and/or heard of a Burger King Whopper or a Big Mac. Seriously. Watch it … it’s aahhhhh interesting.

Flor and/or Floor … six 6×6 samples … $6

Yes I know. Kind of confusing. Have you seen the Flor carpet squares? I’ll drop in samples of the different varieties as we speak. tehe. Form and function.

You can look at all the variances all day long (which you can  catalog now.) Yes, they're 12x12 tiles.

Well they’re not all squares. They came out in 2003 and I wrote about them at the time a couple of years ago, but they’re just expanded like craziness. And Martha’s stepped on board … you know “seen on Martha Stewart’s Show.” Or maybe she was already on board.florgraphic






You know it’s so hard to tell. But here’s what they say: 

Launched in the spring of 2003 and based in Elmhurst, Illinois (just outside Chicago), FLOR is a line of design-inspired carpet squares for the home that lets you create unique area rugs, runners or wall-to-wall carpet designs quickly and easily.

The company was founded on the idea that carpet could be fun, stylish, practical and responsible. We think FLOR carpet tiles answer the call. The modular design means you can customize FLOR to fit any size space, even the most difficult layout, and take FLOR with you wherever you go. FLOR is also eco-friendly having some of the lowest Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOCs) in the industry. Plus, FLOR comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures so it gives you freedom to create exactly the right design for your room and your style. 

Here’s another taste of the choices you’re going to be faced with. Remember with choice comes responsibility! Shop on. 




Poppy & Ivy We Love You!

Just got a note from Amy Hollands at Poppy & Ivy on NE Fremont. She’s going to be open seven days a week! Now open Sundays and Mondays.

Cool. It seems like it’s always Sunday afternoon when I’m on NE Fremont down there by Whole Foods and that restaurant on the corner that I can’t remember the name of but they have great breakfasts.

Where do those words jaspitjand names go btw? I’m reading a book right now called “Where did I leave my glasses” – it’s about memory … doh.


First of all it made me feel better that I’m not the only one (doddering idiot) out there stumbling around not being able to remember why I went into a different room, not only where I left my glasses but where I put my car keys, newspaper, glass of water … just about anything I had in my hand and what the *h* I was doing when I started doing something else and switched. Crying out loud.

Anyhoo … Amy has some of the best vintage around – home decor, jewelry, cards, gifts, pictures. She has things like that little glass curved glass jar with the red top that cuts up nuts when you turn it upside down;cute little aprons, teacups that look like your mother’s and adorable little vintage doll dresses. She also has new retro gifts and signs and collectibles like matchbox covers and game pieces. Here’s a little bit of what she carries. And if you love hilarity  … check out her blog – she’s one of the funniest women I know.   

This Friday is Lower Fremont’s final 2nd Friday Art Walk & Sidewalk Sale.

From 5-9 p.m. lower NE Fremont (15th NE), the stores will be open with additional discounts on all sale items. Here’s a few photos of some of her current offerings.


Shop on!

Dress For Success Sale; Portland on Another Top Ten List

Today and tomorrow – Dress For Success Benefit Used Clothing Sale at Acey’s Closed in the Hollywood neighborhood at the corner of NE Sandy and 37th (next door to the aforementioned store).

Today 10-5 p.m. and tomorrow from 12-4. Meet me there! Suits are $25, Jacekts for $15 and blouses, pants and skirts are $10 each. No, this is not someone else’s seconds. The designer clothing includes Ann Taylor, St. John, R Lauren, Coach and Tahari. 

I love this organization. The non-profit does so much for women, the least of which is supplying disadvantaged women a suit to wear for critical job interviews. A shout out to them.

Did you know Portland is on the 10 ten list … another one you query? Yes, indeedy. The Travel Blissful web site says it’s so.

Walk More City Rankings  rated the top most walkable neighborhoods in the top 40 US cities and Portland came in 10th! Number 1? San Francisco. Duh…. Seattle number 6. Yep.


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Dakota, Joe, Sarah and the Queen (Latifah)

The Secret Life of Bees … Remember how good the book?

By Sue Monk Kidd?

Loved reading that book. It was one of those you wish would keeping going on for another 300 pages! The movie has Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah. Comes out first week in October. The Queen has lost 20 lbs on Jenny Craig. You don’t say!

Speaking of food and I was, wasn’t I? I like that New Seasons is locally owned. I also love their “shop online” option. AND they deliver for Pete’s sake  If you want it delivered it’s $9.95 but  you can pick it up at the store for $4.95. I tried it last spring and loved it! I just can’t justify it since I’m working from home now and have more free time. Guilt … yep raised Catholic.

Rubbermaid is following me. On Twitter. What does that mean I wonder? I did go on their web page to look what they have these days. Who know they have closet organizers. I really want the fast track multipurpose hook. They’re out of stock. Heavy sigh.

I did have to check out their closet organizers. Holy cow. Could my closets really look like that?

I need a professional organizer. No I don’t mean someone who just gives me advice. No, no, no my dear. Someone who will come to my house and HELP me!

Be still my beating heart. 

Did  you watch THE debate last night? Well, we’ve all heard enough shall I be the first to say it? CRITICISM. Although I was suprised how well she did on her homework. My, my she must have had those pr primpers working overtime. I almost lost it when she did the omy gosh joe shmoe thing whatever it was. I wanted to puke. And the way he was smiling at her a couple of times! Get with it Mr. Biden. We saw how down and dirty you can get back in the day during the Watergate hearings. Remember he chaired that committee? Oh my god I am soooo old. I am tossing all my eggs in the “I’m counting on the intelligence of the American people” basket. Don’t fail me now. 

Shop on!



Greenloop de loop de … great shirts, shop there right now

I love love love Greenloop. I always forget they’re right here in Portland because they have such a fabulous web site. They carry Toggery t-shirts and Raw Earth Wild Sky shirts (don’t you love this one? I even love the colors).


For the next 5 days take 25 percent off all mens and womens long sleeve tops … oops just read the small print. Today is the 5th day – Sept. 30. Get down there. Or get yourself online I’ve got to order that green one tomorrow. Raw Earth Wild Sky Ayrshire Shirt. $106 Twenty five percent makes it $76 yes?



Stay warm, fashionable in single, double-breasted fab coats

Oh how I hate to be cold. Which I’m not, actually. Portland is seeing the big dog days of late summer. But I was shopping online … imagine your surprise … and had to show off these three four coats at Nordies.

Check them out: This Houndstooth jacket is by Sola & Kyo sells for $350.

This next coat is that brilliant blue … royal or not… I love the color. And so flattering if you have … gasp … hips!


They’re saying it’s cobalt blue but it seems a bit less intense than cobalt blue. 

Look at the detailing on the side that adds to the flattering cinched waist. 

Love the big black buttons! This little baby is $288 Laundry by Shelli Segal wool blend coat. 

Then there’s the traditional long single-breasted coat, very tailored made with wool-polyester and is only $238. AND it comes in both black and deep purple. 

Love Nordstrom’s. I do I do. 

Shop on!








2nd Friday Art Walk & Sidewalk Sale NE Fremont

“To find in ourselves what makes life worth living is risky business, for it means that once we know we must seek it. It also means that without it life will be valueless.”
- Marsha Sinetar

Tonight is lower NE Fremont’s Art Walk and Sidewalk Sale including Poppy & Ivy, County Cork, La Bodega, Acadia and Rerun and more. Lots of local artists … shopping, wine and appetizers at the stores/restaurants all located between 7th and 14th from 5 to 9 p.m.

Speaking of Amy Holland at Poppy & Ivy on NE Fremont – she has added Violet’s Handmade Boutique featuring the “Kung Fu Bambini” line of children’s clothing. Hollands says the “store-in-a-store” kids couture clothes from size 0-3 months are “ridiculously cute.” “Her adorable baby clothing including tee’s, cloche hats, booties are made from chenille as well as other fabrics and they sell in four other countries!

We’re SO thrilled with this announcement,” Holland says. “We are two women who love vintage items and support buying handmade and local. We both have minds racing at all hours of the night … figuring how we are going to creat the NEXT big thing. What do we sew, paint, collage, embellish or find next?”

Check out the sale tonight and Violet Craft’s (yes, how could she not be a DIY’er with a name like that?) web site as well.

Check out some of the adorable outfits she has in stock.

Celebrate Me Home

If you you love the song, you’ll probably love the store. It’s not just a song by Kenny Loggins but a home décor, furniture, haute couture furnishings store in Troutdale and they’re having their fall sale. Love the store. Note to self- must get out there next week!

Through Oct. 12 there’s up to 20% savings. I love how the sales are done there – up to $100 there’s 10% off; from $101 to $199 there’s 15% off and over $200 – 20% off! Here’s a sample of some of her lines (not necessarily that she has this specific furniture in the store of course).









































Get your little self out there to Troutdale — the store is above the outlet mall.

Shop on!




Chumby, Gumby … whatever … it’s streaming Internet

“When you’re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.”
- Shakti Gawain


It’s Chumby dammit! Well, that had to be said. You know instead of It’s Gumby … well if I have to explain it… heavy sigh.

Have you seen the Chumby? It’s the take-it-anywhere cute little window to the Internet. You just plug it in to your computer to create a lineup of favorites from over 800 widgets in 30 different categories. Then it streams everything your little heart desires. You can stream entertainment, music and podcasts, photo sharing, weather, sports, AUCTIONS and messaging. That’s just a few and they’re adding more all the time. OMY  I sound like a commercial don’t I?

Anywhoo ran across them … thought they were cute. They are pricey though – $179.95. Chumby, chumby chumby …. 


Shop on!

Is it Fashion Week AGAIN?

How did that creep up on us? OK me. 

Yes, in fact, it is. In New York. Which seems so very far away here in Portland. If you don’t read Cathy Horyn’s NY Times Fashion Editor’s blog … well what can I say. She’s the go to woman for NY Fashion.

But there’s a piece today with a really different photo –I didn’t say I liked it I said it was really different. The cutline says Ukrainian Fashion Week? Erik someone. Come again? Why must they make women look either terribly depressed and gaunt or a just a little bit cuckoo?  At least Horyn is a bit more down to earth. 

Portland Fashion Week is Oct. 8-12 and they’ve already had an open call for models.

One of Sofada's basics.

One of Sofada's basic dress designs.

I’m just saying … I was so excited to see Sofada, Lucia Apparel and Sameunderneath on the list of confirmed designers. Not that I travel in that crowd much but I’ve done a few stories one on Alice Dobson of Sofada and one about Sarah Wallace who owns and designs Lucia Apparel. And I just adore Sameunderneath. Speaking of which, I couldn’t believe it when I pulled up their list of press to do this blog. Holy cow! I had no idea they had gotten so much press! Sweet. Women’s Wear Daily and GQ! Impressive. 

Don’t forget Friday night is Dobson’s show to benefit Cares NW. See the Sept. 2 blog. So much fashion, so little cold, hard cash. Hhhmmmm.

Shop on!

Dogs, brew pubs, feasting and more gratis … DoveLewis

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.” Groucho Marx

Love that quote. Speaking of dogs – this weekend is the Tour de Lab – a benefit for Portland’s DoveLewis Animal Hospital.

The benefit is a 18 or 30-mile bicycle tour to the three Lucky Lab brew pubs along Portland’s Urban Routes. It starts at 10 a.m. at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub at 915 SE Hawthorne.

I only wish I could ride a bike and hold a leash at the same time. And yes, I can chew gum and well… you know. Of course you’ll be rewarded by a dog tail to wear on the ride at the beginning of the ride.

The first location from Hawthorne is Multnomah Village. You have to cross the Willamette River and go up a slight (read huge) hill. But it is well worth the trek.

You will receive your dog ears at the next location! OMY I LOVE DOVELEWIS. They have the best publicity people ever! Rest stop #2 is the NW Portland Lucky Lab and here you will get the ever-famous dog ears.  

 At rest stop #3 which is the Lucky Lab Southeast location, you will become the proud owner of a pink doggie nose and you will have earned your commemorative doggie bowl.

At the finish line party at the SE location, you’ll receive a fine pint of handcrafted Lucky Lab beer — served in a Tour de Lab pint you can keep. And a hot dog with all the fixins.’ Does it get any better than this? No, I’m answering myself, no!

There’s a video on You Tube or check out the Tour de Lab online.

Sawyer thecorgi

Sawyer thecorgi



Hook me up!

I’m dedicating this post to my darling daughter Suzanne who is the queen of the clean and the uber-organized among us all. I’m sure part of her motivation is OCD and another part psyche but she’s been this way ever since she was a toddler. I’m sure one of her first words was disgusting.

She is the one I credit with telling me that the bottom of my purse was one of the dirtiest places on the planet. You can watch her visibly cringe if you set your purse on a countertop or table. And I’m absolutely forbidden to rest it on a potentially sticky floor in a restaurant or store if she’s with me.

If you can relate – check out the Luxe Link – a stylish purse hook that rests on the edge of tables, keeping your bag safely off the ground and your essentials an arm’s length away. Luxe Link – $45 at A little pricey?

If you’re budget woman … go to The Purse This hook has a flexible hinge which means you can hang it from just about any surface. It retails for $19.99.

Just got a note from Francine Read with the VOICES 2008-2009 speaker schedule. The speakers this tour include:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
The End of America:
A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Life Changes in an Instant

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Africa on the Edge

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Ask Amy: An Evening witih Amy Dickinson

A great lineup! I definitely will be going to see Naomi Wolf. I interviewed her once a long time ago when I was editor of a woman’s magazine in Denver. She was a protege of Gloria Steinem’s at the time. Another eon ago!   

Shop on!

Shoes to die for … and not in a good way

Honestly, do designers think women can wear those four-inch heels and still walk when we’re over the age of 30? Crying out loud.

For some reason though I still secretly crave wearing them, but just can’t walk more than 50 feet in most of them. Silly … I’m just saying. My Fashion Life has a pair of Betty Jackson ankle boots on their front page today that might actually look cute with a foot inside of them. On the other hand just imagine your foot fat pudging through the cut-outs. EEWWW. 


Betty Jackson green patent leather ankle boots.

Betty Jackson green patent leather ankle boots.

Then check out these sandals they had in the next space.

They’re Alexander McQueen “Corsage VINYL sandals.” They retail for $1,605 but they’re on sale for $1,123.50. OMG run away … and not in either of these pair of shoes! 

And get this — they were SOLD OUT on the Net – A – site. I am definitely running with the wrong crowd. Well, I doubt they’re actually running in those heels. 

Shop on!

Martha oh Martha Stewart how we love thee!

Don’t we love to love Martha … or at least dish about her. It was cupcake week on the Martha Stewart Show. Who needs that kind of harrassment? I almost got in my car and headed down to St. Cupcake. And it’s Friday even so they have those red choclatey ahhh…. the red velvet cupcakes! They have them on Friday and Saturday. Oh my.

“A classic buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa and screaming red. topped with a dollup of our classic vanilla cream cheese icing. she’s sassy AND frassy. like a true sassafrass should be.” There is a goddess. OMG. Thankfully I talked myself down before I made it to the car. Heavy sigh

Shopping. Out. Loud.

Yeah yahoo! Thanks to my brother Greg – I’m finally blogging again. Not exactly shopping and writing yet. But writing. OMG I’ve missed writing about shopping. I’ve been doing wedding (son getting married) stuff … going to Spokane for the bridal shower, buying a dress (I finally found one at David’s Bridal of all places and I say that because it was the last place I thought I’d find a dress). 

Just got a message from Meringue Boutique… love this Pistils scarf in turquoise.

Pistil scarf from Meringue

Pistil scarf from Meringue

I’m so happy to be shopping again. Well, I never stopped shopping, I just stopped blogging about it. 


Shop on!

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