Whopper Virgins … who knew?

Have you seen the documentary – and I use the term loosely – called Whopper Virgins? It’s about people from around the world who have never seen, tasted and/or heard of a Burger King Whopper or a Big Mac. Seriously. Watch it … it’s aahhhhh interesting. http://www.whoppervirgins.com/

Turkey sandwich, turkey casserole, turkey soup & Britney Spears

I made an incredible turkey dinner with all the fixings and then some for Thanksgiving dinner for four people. turkey99

Well, three because my husband doesn’t count since he’s vegan. So three people and 22 pounds of turkey. What was I thinking?

I’ve already had three turkey sandwiches (with cream cheese and cranberries) that were delish. But I’m done now. And my refrigerator is still full of turkey. I wish I could take all the leftovers to a place where the homeless and foodless are so they could partake. But that’s not going to happen. What do you do with your turkey leftovers? If all else fails I guess I’ll freeze more of it.

Needless to say I did not shop for any new clothes over the weekend. Not only was I too fat to fit into anything but I didn’t want to take my life into my hands and risk life and limb with the masses during Black Friday. There were some great deals though. Yesterday … online just about all day. Next blog … all the best of Portland boutiques!

Did you see Britney’s big birthday party this morning? Me neither. Not on my top ten priority list … even the top 100 list. Sorry Brit!

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