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Have you been to the Cluttercast site? What a great idea – going through your house to remove all of your heartfelt, wonderful, amazing … stuff. Well let me rephrase – getting rid of the junk you don’t need to give it to someone else who can use it.

Here’s the word from Darryle Pollack her own self: What is Cluttercast?

Hi, I’m Darryle Pollack. Cluttercast is my commitment to cast off the clutter of a lifetime– from the most mundane item to a mink coat— connecting it to someone who will truly appreciate it.

Anyone can become a cluttercaster– or a cluttercatcher. It’s the perfect solution at the perfect time. and everyone wins. Here’s THE LINK check her out.

So … my friend Krista whose blog the SheBang or Organize in Style is wildly popular,  and tons of other people, have gotten on the cluttercast band wagon so who am I not to join?

I am the clutter gatherer queen! Every Friday now I’ll be participating in the freeing myself from my clutter and giving it away to you … my dear reader.

Steak knives with French writing!

Steak knives with French writing!

Here’s my first offering. STEAK Knives! Ok I know some people give away really pretty, delicate stuff. Me? I’m getting rid of the knives. Who needs 3,000 steak knives I ask you?

Photo at right … notice the French writing on the bottom.

I have to give you links in the raw like this because my piece of crap… I mean I love this mac (it’s coocoo) this morning.

They yours darling … for the price of a comment or an email – … Shop on!

French Letter Condom Company – no letter just condoms

I was just reading some of my emails this morning, minding my very own business of course since I work alone can no longer mind anyone else’s business heavy sigh, when I came upon these adorable little gifts called French Letter Condoms. They’re a company of brits who apparently were bored by the beige condoms from back in the day and needed a bit of color to add excitement to the ah experience. Oh yes I was on btw.frenchletter

Who is the French Letter Condom Company?

So happy you asked. They are Olli, Bernice and Martyn “a trio dedicated to offering you … the opportunity of making love with an eye on fair play. Olli Knows about condoms (he has been making them in Germany for a long time). Martyn knows about what and where condoms are sold and Bernice knows about lovely things. Together they bring you French Letter Condoms.

Their motto is Fair Play.

No really.

They swear the condoms are very safe, high quality for discerning and lovely customers. AND your lovemaking will benefit workers on rubber plantations as a royalty on each pack goes to help ensure their wages are fair and healthcare and pensions are provided.

They come in four lovely colors: a turquoise blue, lemon yellow, light lavender and hot pink.

P.S. There are no letters to read before you put the condoms on.

Shop on!

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