Cluttercast aka free stuff!

Have you been to the Cluttercast site? What a great idea – going through your house to remove all of your heartfelt, wonderful, amazing … stuff. Well let me rephrase – getting rid of the junk you don’t need to give it to someone else who can use it.

Here’s the word from Darryle Pollack her own self: What is Cluttercast?

Hi, I’m Darryle Pollack. Cluttercast is my commitment to cast off the clutter of a lifetime– from the most mundane item to a mink coat— connecting it to someone who will truly appreciate it.

Anyone can become a cluttercaster– or a cluttercatcher. It’s the perfect solution at the perfect time. and everyone wins. Here’s THE LINK check her out.

So … my friend Krista whose blog the SheBang or Organize in Style is wildly popular,  and tons of other people, have gotten on the cluttercast band wagon so who am I not to join?

I am the clutter gatherer queen! Every Friday now I’ll be participating in the freeing myself from my clutter and giving it away to you … my dear reader.

Steak knives with French writing!

Steak knives with French writing!

Here’s my first offering. STEAK Knives! Ok I know some people give away really pretty, delicate stuff. Me? I’m getting rid of the knives. Who needs 3,000 steak knives I ask you?

Photo at right … notice the French writing on the bottom.

I have to give you links in the raw like this because my piece of crap… I mean I love this mac (it’s coocoo) this morning.

They yours darling … for the price of a comment or an email – … Shop on!


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  1. […] idea of Cluttercast Fridays, thanks to Krista Colvin. Recently I learned about a new Cluttercaster: Shopping Out Loud, who just listed her first item. And most Fridays, you can find new items at Bunch of Scrap, […]

  2. […] post features links to an online radio interview with Darryle about the site, as well as to other bloggers who are starting to cluttercast from their own sites. I love that this concept is […]

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