Farm Chicks 2016

Lola’s Girls will be vendors again at this year’s Farm Chicks Antique Show 2016 at the Spokane Fairgrounds the first weekend in June.

We can hardly wait. Check out updates in coming weeks about the products we’ll have for sale. 384223_10205784345991603_912263310288140165_n


Two is better than one!

I had a deadline last week … a baby shower for my daughter-in-law over the weekend. Nothing better than a deadline to get me shopping for furniture to update the living room. So it was Potter Barn or Pier I, since I had 10% off coupons for both stores. I know I can always find something at Pier I and I was right. I got a floor lamp to match the table lamp I bought several months ago. I love how the gold in the shade vibrates off the taupe depending on what time of day it is. lamp

I also found two end tables at Pottery Barn that I put together to make a coffee table.

Check out these two:


Farm Chicks 2013

Lola's Girls will be at Farm Chicks Antique Show this year!

Lola’s Girls will be at Farm Chicks Antique Show this year!

Farm Chicks 2013

Did I mention I’ll be at Farm Chicks Antique Show this year as a vendor?full

I’m so excited I can barely wait. All that vintage… all that shopping… all those women… It leaves me breathless.

Please join us there – the name of our company is Lola’s Girls and I’ll update our location at the antique show as soon as I have it.

The Show is Saturday, June 1 from 9-6

Sunday, June 2 from 9-4  

Roost in Spokane

I was downtown last week to check out the vegan bakery Boots on (approximately) Main & Division and was pleasantly surprised. While waiting in line for my vegan chocolate cupcakes for Valentine’s Day I felt like I’d been picked up and plunked down in Portlandia! I love Portlandia … it makes me miss Portland even more though. I turned to the woman behind me and said as much. Her reply? “You are in Portlandia.” She said she was a transplant here due to her husband’s job move.

And since I was right across the street, I popped over to Roost to check out their inventory. Pleasantly surprised was I, when I found a darling little, pink ceramic flower pot, a bird cage top, shabby black bucket, pink bud vase and a couple of nests. We’ll be using lots of nests etc. for Lola’s Girls birds in upcoming shows. Here’s a quick photo of my treasures. Oh and the candy dish on the left is one I bought there a couple weeks ago and filled with Pottery Barn’s artichokes.


sd Treasures from Roost!

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for Lola’s Girls!!


I just had lunch at Chaps on Highway 195 … met Celeste Shaw, the owner and ahhh curator of the place. The food there is always beyond the best and today I learned a bit about the owner. She’s addicted to “stuff.” I can relate. She used to be a critical care nurse. Instead of taking care of people, now she’s caring for vintage architectural and vintage “stuff.” I’m going to pitch someone a story about her.


Shaw is very talented at the curating and repurposing aspects. She owns a store in Spokane called Pink; tagline is “vintage salvage goods.” I think I’ve been there … it’s located at 154 South Madison in Spokane.



Here’s the link to her site:



Psst…. she also has a big barn and plans to have a barn sale this spring. Stay tuned.

Apple Super heroes!

My addendum to the last post? That I went to the Apple store a couple of weeks ago and told them my sad tale … no expecting anything mind you. After hearing my story, they decided to replace my ipad with a new one!!! I was stunned. I hadn’t expected anything much less a new ipad! Here’s the photo of the old ipad:

See the corner? Its bent back and didnt help the audio functions!

Next is a photo of Apple iPad guy #2 smiling for the camera.

Apple guy #2.

I couldn’t resist. Suffice it to say that I’m a happer camper! And a lifelong Apple devotee as well.

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