Wedding Belle Blues

The weather, the flowers, the setting … everything was beautiful including the bride and groom, my daughter (bridesmaid) my grandson (usher and he read an excerpt from The Velveteen Rabbit).

It was a spectacular day with no real (or imagined) upsets or emergencies or no-shows etc. Speaking of my son’s wedding on Friday in Spokane.  Gregory and Amy were delighted – tired but delighted with how everything turned out. The venue was Belle’s Victorian Gardens.

Amy, Greg and the wedding party at Friday night's wedding.

Amy, Greg and the wedding party at Friday night

We stayed at The Davenport Hotel downtown the first two nights but it was just too small for Bob and I, my sister Dawn and her 9-year-old Jake. Plus she was having PMS I found out afterward. Of course she’ll never admit that it was a problem. Doncha just love sisters? And this is my good sister! Gotta love ’em.

Oh yeah I forgot. There was one mishap. I forgot my dress. Sort of accidentally on purpose. You know. I wasn’t enthralled by the dress. So I had a Ralph Lauren linen suit in Navy blue and it was a good excuse to shop and find something to go under it. I think I must have about 6 outfits for that wedding. My sister had more than I did. Ah well … it extends the shopping experience doesn’t it?

Amy and Gregory.

Amy and Gregory.

We shopped at Nordstrom’s, Chico’s and Macy’s besides a few other boutiques there on Thursday. Nordstrom’s had a gorgeous beaded black and gold sleeveless shell but it didn’t work because of the black. Gorgeous I tell you, and it was on sale for $138 from $350-plus. But I found another steely silver sequined top at Chico’s that looked better with the navy blue.

My grandson and nephew were having the time of their little lives! Aren’t they adorable? I bought Jake the tie for his birthday at Macy’s last month and it looks a bit too small.

Justin and Jake looking for all the world like they're two mellow young men. Wrong. You'd be very wrong if you thought that!

Mellow? They only look mellow!

Justin at the wedding dinner.

Justin at the wedding dinner.

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