Transform your problem walls with wall flat … instant elegant!

Do you have walls with cracks, holes and and/or walls that could use a disguise? I had walls like that in a couple of houses I’ve owned. If I’d had access to The Design Public Outlet I could have transformed them with Modern Wallpaper by Inhabit. 'Braille' by Inhabit

This wallpaper is incredible. It comes in 18×18 inch wall flats – with peel and stick adhesive tape that are simple to put up and it’s paintable!

Here’s another choice called Seesaw by Inhabit which are designed to expand in any direction.'Seesaw' by Inhabit

You can customize to your heart’s delight with the design you use to attach the tiles and/or paint to match your very own home décor. These wall flats are molded Bamboo Paper Pulp (sustainable) as well.

I love the textured effect you get and if you want a flat even color – add paint! What a great solution for any problem walls.

There you have it … my solution for problem walls. Have at it. 

And shop on!



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