Cluttercast Friday and Irvington Garage Sale

It’s already Cluttercast Friday and I have to find something to give away Although it’s not that difficult since you can barely walk through my living or dining room there’s so much crap out of boxes, in boxes, on top of …. Well you get the idea. It’s mind boggling. That’s why I’ve been putting stuff in boxes for the Irvington garage sale.

I’ve been blogging about the Cluttercast woman (Darryle Pollack) who gives away clutter nearly every day on her website and has been doing so for about a year now. OK last week was my first week.

I found it. I’ve been living with this gorgeous, covered tile on the wall in my office since I bought it at the Anituqe mall in Camas several months ago. It’s just too crowded there on the wall so … it’s yours if you’d like it.

Here’s the photo. dsc_0002If you would like it – send me an email and I’ll weigh it to see what postage is and that’s all you have to cover is the shipping.

Of course if you’re near Portland Oregon, just email and you can pick it up.

The garage sale of which I spoke is the 6th annual Irvington Neighborhood Garage Sale on April 25 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s a fundraiser for Irvington School. The PTA is sponsoring the event and they’re made up maps of those folks participating in the garage sale. You can find the maps at Peet’s Coffee on NE Broadway and Mio Gelato on NE Brazee.

I have already filled four huge boxes to the brim with stuff and stuff and more stuff. I also have a bunch of furniture – some from estate sales and some that I’ve had for ages that I need to get rid of.

So join the neighborhood on Saturday, April 25 for a great sale!

Shop on!

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