Mark Schwartz update on high-heeled art … mea culpa


Entitled "Louboutin" 30x22 ... AND I WANT IT!


I’m so easily impressed. Answered my cell this afternoon and barked into it as usual, antcipating another sales person that won’t leave me alone and caller was Mark Schwartz (shoes as art) thanking me for the blog I did yesterday and he’d noticed I hadn’t put a link to his blog. Mea culpa!

Somehow I didn’t save it before I quit writing last night.

Anywhoo … asked him if he was really Oprah’s favorite shoe designer. Here’s what he said: “Well, I did have my 15 minutes of fame. She bought “several pairs” from me. She also consigned a couple of pieces of artwork for one of her many parties. Yes, Oprah is very nice. She has the “entire universe” throwing things at her though so she’s always changing up.”

Nice gentleman. Sounded very artistic … hehee … what does an artist sound like? Love the work at the left. Honey if you can’t buy the shoes can you buy me the painting. That’s for hubs if he’s reading my blog. I LOVE that watercolor. It’s India ink on paper and it’s 30×22. Perfect for my bedroom or home office. 

Here are a couple more renditions of his artwork. I love it. Thanks for the call Mark.

His blog? … click here.


"Show Girl"




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