Is it Fashion Week AGAIN?

How did that creep up on us? OK me. 

Yes, in fact, it is. In New York. Which seems so very far away here in Portland. If you don’t read Cathy Horyn’s NY Times Fashion Editor’s blog … well what can I say. She’s the go to woman for NY Fashion.

But there’s a piece today with a really different photo –I didn’t say I liked it I said it was really different. The cutline says Ukrainian Fashion Week? Erik someone. Come again? Why must they make women look either terribly depressed and gaunt or a just a little bit cuckoo?  At least Horyn is a bit more down to earth. 

Portland Fashion Week is Oct. 8-12 and they’ve already had an open call for models.

One of Sofada's basics.

One of Sofada's basic dress designs.

I’m just saying … I was so excited to see Sofada, Lucia Apparel and Sameunderneath on the list of confirmed designers. Not that I travel in that crowd much but I’ve done a few stories one on Alice Dobson of Sofada and one about Sarah Wallace who owns and designs Lucia Apparel. And I just adore Sameunderneath. Speaking of which, I couldn’t believe it when I pulled up their list of press to do this blog. Holy cow! I had no idea they had gotten so much press! Sweet. Women’s Wear Daily and GQ! Impressive. 

Don’t forget Friday night is Dobson’s show to benefit Cares NW. See the Sept. 2 blog. So much fashion, so little cold, hard cash. Hhhmmmm.

Shop on!

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