Fall Handbag Sale at Kate Spade 20% Off! Orange=the new black

Oh dear I wish I could stay off the Kate Spade web site. I can resist anything but temptation as they say. You know I say that but I don’t really mean it. And I don’t even have a full-time job right now for Pete’s sake. BTW if anyone you know needs a blogger … hey I can blog about just about anything. 

Well today I didn’t even stay on the handbag pages I went to the home pages, the accessories and the shoes pages. Crying out loud.

Love this bag. Orange is the new black. Seriously. Everything this season is orange. I love it!

I mistakenly then went to the shoes pages and the home pages and the accessories and well … got lost for a long, long time. Heavy sigh. Do you love polka dots? Check out these lovely plates. They come in four delectable series of polka dot shades. I think the green are my favorites. But the red ones. Hmmmm.

Black and white? Heavy, heavy sigh. So many choices, so little time and cold, hard cash! Shop on!




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