Shopping … Broaden Your Definition

Is your todo list done? Have you checked off the last 10 things to do before Christmas Eve? How about the first 10? My list is getting longer instead of shorter and I’m running on at least half empty. Heavy sigh.

At least there’s no shortage of events and discounts. I’m counting on that while I’m counting on dwindling funds. I am also shopping a bit differently this year. Prompted by the general state of the economy or what’s left of it  … I’m giving donations as gifts for  several people on my list.

One of my favorite organizations to give to is Dove Lewis Animal Hospital – they do so much great work.

Green Empowerment is another of the non-profits on my giving list. Never heard of it? It’s a 10 year old organization that helps build renewable energy and water systems in third world countries. It’s hard to do much of anything else when you don’t have enough clean water.

Planned Parenthood is always on my giving list for obvious reasons and my new one this year is the Sisters of the Road. The Sisters of the Road Cafe has been in existence since 1979 and is open to all – serving nutritious meals in exchange for $1.25, food stamps or labor. They also provide job training and special support to parents and children. Their philosophy is nonviolence and “gentle personalism.” I have heard from so many people of all the tremendous work they do.

So when you’re thinking about “shopping” for Christmas this year, broaden your definition and include your favorite charities. Find out who your loved ones support and make a contribution in their name.

Shop on!

Sofada rocks

Check Vivian McInerny’s latest blog. She’s fashion editor at the Oregonian and writes a blog regularly that I love to read. She’s very up, of course, on the latest and greatest in fashion around the country as well as the Portland fashion scene.

Her latest (blog) is entitled Chic Shorts Seen on the Street. It’s about a bunch of different women – who they are and what they’re wearing on the ground in Portland so to speak. There’s a flight attendant from Philadelphia, a musician in the wings before a performance and a sales person from the Jeri Rice Boutique downtown.

There’s also a discount coupon for the Knit & Crochet Show on Sept. 12-14 in Portland.

My favorite part is at the bottom when she profiles Alice Dobson, owner of Sofada. I’ve done lots of blogs and a couple of stories on Dobson and I love her designs. She has a runway show coming up on Friday, Sept. 12 at Jax Bar 826 SW Second.

Sofada is reportedly doing very well in their relatively new location at 2937 E . Burnside. Tickets to the show are $20 and proceeds from the event benefit CARES NW, a community-based medical program benefitting the treatment and prevention of child abuse in Oregon. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. I’ll be there with my bells on! Tehe.

BTW Dobson has an apprentice program I did not know about! You can read about it too … online

Wedding Belle Blues

The weather, the flowers, the setting … everything was beautiful including the bride and groom, my daughter (bridesmaid) my grandson (usher and he read an excerpt from The Velveteen Rabbit).

It was a spectacular day with no real (or imagined) upsets or emergencies or no-shows etc. Speaking of my son’s wedding on Friday in Spokane.  Gregory and Amy were delighted – tired but delighted with how everything turned out. The venue was Belle’s Victorian Gardens.

Amy, Greg and the wedding party at Friday night's wedding.

Amy, Greg and the wedding party at Friday night

We stayed at The Davenport Hotel downtown the first two nights but it was just too small for Bob and I, my sister Dawn and her 9-year-old Jake. Plus she was having PMS I found out afterward. Of course she’ll never admit that it was a problem. Doncha just love sisters? And this is my good sister! Gotta love ’em.

Oh yeah I forgot. There was one mishap. I forgot my dress. Sort of accidentally on purpose. You know. I wasn’t enthralled by the dress. So I had a Ralph Lauren linen suit in Navy blue and it was a good excuse to shop and find something to go under it. I think I must have about 6 outfits for that wedding. My sister had more than I did. Ah well … it extends the shopping experience doesn’t it?

Amy and Gregory.

Amy and Gregory.

We shopped at Nordstrom’s, Chico’s and Macy’s besides a few other boutiques there on Thursday. Nordstrom’s had a gorgeous beaded black and gold sleeveless shell but it didn’t work because of the black. Gorgeous I tell you, and it was on sale for $138 from $350-plus. But I found another steely silver sequined top at Chico’s that looked better with the navy blue.

My grandson and nephew were having the time of their little lives! Aren’t they adorable? I bought Jake the tie for his birthday at Macy’s last month and it looks a bit too small.

Justin and Jake looking for all the world like they're two mellow young men. Wrong. You'd be very wrong if you thought that!

Mellow? They only look mellow!

Justin at the wedding dinner.

Justin at the wedding dinner.

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