Merry Christmas … Happy New Year! Oh I’m so lame. Between dinners, presents, no travel because of snow and just pure lazy days … I have been remiss. I’ve also changed my isp and added new software. Excuses … Excuses. I know. I’m doing a Women & Art section special feature in January so my interest was piqued by this Youtube video. Check it out.

There are nothing but sales right now … doesn’t matter where you’re shopping. I happened to be at Kitchen Kaboodle saleeverything1on NE Broadway and picked up a very badly needed le Cruset spatula. My (hard-headed) spatula flew off in pieces this year into some cookie batter I made. Not exactly the Martha way to be baking. Anyhoo I was happy with the 50% off price tag.

Then I had to have this little corgi board. Adorable yes? dsc_0075

I’ve got my shop on! tomorrow … the roads are dry and drivers have regained their senses. What is the matter with you people when it rains? Let alone snows?


Organize, Unclutter… Out With the Old

I was listening to Krista Colvin’s O Myth Blog Talk Radio show – “The Smart Women’s Guide to Doing It All.”

Love Krista. She has a home-based business called Organize in Style and a web organize your own self business called theSheBang!

Good stuff! Great ideas on organizing. She’s helped me a lot. She lives in Vancouver (Wash.) has two kiddos and does lots of event emcee’ing as well as her businesses and home. At least moms have lots of support across the web on social networking sites like Twitter.

Anyhoo – she was talking about unclutter … what a concept. I need to rid myself of all unused and unwanted paraphernalia … yes I spelled that right. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve edited something. So off goes the old printer, the old fax machine, an old design desk (no light table unfortunately.

And I need to put the David’s Bridal formal dress on eBay or Craigslist cause I’m not stuffing my body into that thing any time soon.

Here’s the dress btw in case you’re going to a Christmas formal or something.

I bought it for my son’s wedding over the labor day weekend and didn’t wear it. Yes, it’s full length but very understated and elegant!

It’s a dreary day … no sun … rain expected. I need some color in my life. I think I’ll drive out to Bridgeport Village this afternoon and … you know … SHOP!

Shop on!

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