Furever Pets … Great Doggie Treats & Gifts For Christmas!

Need an idea for Christmas gifts for the doggies? A friend of mine who is a massage therapist (Maddy Turner) also has  a business called Pawsative Touch. Can you guess who she massages? Yes you win the big Shopping Out Loud prize (worthless of course) for guessing that it’s massage for the doggies!

Check Maddy’s website. Trust me, if you get the gift of doggie massage that pup will never forget you.


She came over to massage Sawyer thecorgi the other day so I could see her techniques (I wrote a story about her business for the Oregonian). Sawyer is such a little boo boo. The minute Maddy laid hands on him his eyes rolled back in his head and all you could see were the whites of his eyes for the next 30 minutes. He didn’t move a muscle.  He’s such a little pushover.

Speaking of Sawyer thecorgi. I got him a new halter leash today at Furever Pets on NE Broadway. doggiesspot_lgimg

They remodeled the store a couple of months ago and it’s about twice the size these days – with lots more room for pet supplies, freezers for food and treats and many more toys and various asundry dog acoutrements.

I had also been looking for the dog ball of the century … and found it there.
Yes, it’s the Go-Frrr Ball with Slingshot-Action
I love this ball. It’s the best invention ever. And you don’t have to be a professional baseball player to get it to go unbelievably far! This makes a good doggie gift too.

Flor and/or Floor … six 6×6 samples … $6

Yes I know. Kind of confusing. Have you seen the Flor carpet squares? I’ll drop in samples of the different varieties as we speak. tehe. Form and function.

You can look at all the variances all day long (which you can  catalog now.) Yes, they're 12x12 tiles.

Well they’re not all squares. They came out in 2003 and I wrote about them at the time a couple of years ago, but they’re just expanded like craziness. And Martha’s stepped on board … you know “seen on Martha Stewart’s Show.” Or maybe she was already on board.florgraphic






You know it’s so hard to tell. But here’s what they say: 

Launched in the spring of 2003 and based in Elmhurst, Illinois (just outside Chicago), FLOR is a line of design-inspired carpet squares for the home that lets you create unique area rugs, runners or wall-to-wall carpet designs quickly and easily.

The company was founded on the idea that carpet could be fun, stylish, practical and responsible. We think FLOR carpet tiles answer the call. The modular design means you can customize FLOR to fit any size space, even the most difficult layout, and take FLOR with you wherever you go. FLOR is also eco-friendly having some of the lowest Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOCs) in the industry. Plus, FLOR comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures so it gives you freedom to create exactly the right design for your room and your style. 

Here’s another taste of the choices you’re going to be faced with. Remember with choice comes responsibility! Shop on. 




Martha oh Martha Stewart how we love thee!

Don’t we love to love Martha … or at least dish about her. It was cupcake week on the Martha Stewart Show. Who needs that kind of harrassment? I almost got in my car and headed down to St. Cupcake. And it’s Friday even so they have those red choclatey ahhh…. the red velvet cupcakes! They have them on Friday and Saturday. Oh my.

“A classic buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa and screaming red. topped with a dollup of our classic vanilla cream cheese icing. she’s sassy AND frassy. like a true sassafrass should be.” There is a goddess. OMG. Thankfully I talked myself down before I made it to the car. Heavy sigh

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