Jobs for women – apprenticeships in the trades rock

So many things to do so little time. fair_2009_logo_color

Went to the Women and the Trades Conference last weekend and was blown away by the numbers of women there and the amount of information available on the trades ie construction, electrical, plumbing, masonry etc. etc. It’s amazing how many apprenticeships are available to women. Did you know Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. existed? No, me either.

I was welding!!! Seriously. I welded a nameplate with stars! I also made a frame, tiled a mosaic, saudered a pipe and got tons of information about available careers for women in the trades. My dad was a carpenter so I had a lot of exposure to building stuff and such when I was growing up, but I never thought a about actually training for a career in the trades myself. And I’m not totally sold on it but I’m going to definitely look into more information on the subject.

They had exhibitors, workshops and volunteers at the fair as well as companies like Bonneville Power Administration, Hamilton Construction Co., and PacifiCorp/Pacific Power. Based on the data collected they said 23 percent of participants were minorities and 93 percent had graduated high school or pursued further studies in college. Amazing! Imagine becoming a cabinetmaker, electrical lineworker, glazier or glass installer, painter, plasterer, millwright or a mason and making $17 to $35 an hour as a journeyman. Or journeywoman. And you actually make a salary when you’re in an apprenticeship program.

The fair is over for this year but the Oregon Tradeswomen is located at 1714 NE Alberta St. and the number is 503.335.8200. Click on their name above to go to the web site. They offer classes and there are several videos available online to get you started. Go girlfriend!


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