Mommas, kids, shopping and little feet!

Did you catch the mampreneurs  show this am on getting published?

Good stuff – hosted by Marlynn Jayme Schotland founder of mampreneurs.  A great, very informative show. 91283

The web site mamapreneurs is a networking and resource site for moms (yes that’s overstating the obvious I know) So I saw on her web page that Schotland used to be the PR Director for the Art Institute of Portland and started her new business when her first baby was only 14 months old. “She knew launching a business to pursue her passion was the right thing to do, but she also knew she wanted more support sources to help her through the challenging task of building a start-up while also raising her son at home.”

That according to her web site. She also is hosting the second annual Mom Shop 2 on April 18, 2009 at the Oaks Park Pavillion. 43003

The event looks fabulous and she has great sponsors aka Metro Parent, NW Kids, Baby Boot Camp, Gaia, Pumpkin Noodle and Play Boutique. If you’re one of the first 75 in – there’s a swag bag for you.

Don’t we love the swag bags? Doesn’t matter if they’re filled with hard-boiled eggs and rotten potatoes we’d still oooh and aahah over them. OOOOH look at that red one with the brown spats aaaahah!

There’s a silent auction to benefit Schoolhouse Supplies and there will be retail SHOPPING and a fabulous spring family fashion show from local designers! Don’t you love the baby and kids clothes? My kids are grown ups (on a good day) but I still have to go and look at the baby shoes and the clothes and ooooh and aaahh myself. The Fashion Show will feature great clothes and accessories from local boutiques including: Pumpkin Noodle, Mister Judy, Meringue Boutique, Chirp & Tweet, Direction Accessories, Munchking Designs, Haggis McBaggis and more! Check out the Exhibitor List your own self.

I do have to highlight one of the businesses though owned by my friend Brenna Burke who owns Clementine NW. denim-apron-with-knit-dressThe site has adorable clothes, safe and educational toys, gifts for moms and is pregnant with possibility. OK I had to say it. How often do you get the chance to use that phrase???

I love her blog as well. She’s adopted the bloggers Wordless Wednesday’s with stunning photos and just a positive attitude and news you can use for moms. LOVE LOVE LOVE those baby feet!

litlefeetShop on mama!

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