Snowed in….

I cannot believe we have all this snow still in the rain capitol of the United States. And I (and probably everyone else in Metro Portland) have not finished with my Christmas shopping. Ah well, heavy sigh followed by twitch developed since being captive in my house for this whole time. Why was I not blogging you ask? Because our electricity … nothing to do with the storms of course, has been going off and one at odd times, in odd arrangements for odd lengths of time. Hence, I’ve been snuggled up under the covers where my tv and heater works all the time, watching movies. And eating. Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Today though, dear readers, I have emerged (a much fatter) yet renewed woman. I even took Sawyer thecorgi to the park for a big big romp. His feet and legs disappear completely when he walks through snow this deep but he plows his way through. He’s ever so cute … see?dsc_0065

I am posting an online gift guide this evening some time so come back for that. I’ll catch you up on who still has what.

steer clear of other drivers. Shop on!


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