Jimmy Choo Shoes & Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale

Jimmy Choo Shoes … Need I say more. Of course I do. There’s also a to-die-for … well (maybe not to-die-for,_5733533 but to get-really,-really-sick-for) handbags and shoes. Here are my fav’s from the Jimmy Choo Resort 2009 collection. Omy.

I could never actually wear these strappy sandals but I could have them displayed on my fireplace mantel. Well for Pete’s sake they’re $1,125- a pair. But well worth it don’t you think? I’m already thinking about the deluges of rain that are coming and the warm, tropical destinations where these sandals would be the hit. Check out the heels. _5733557





And did I mention I love this Jimmy Choo handbag?

Think resort shopping!

Think resort shopping!

It’s his ‘Lohla’ Paisley Stud Handbag and retails for $2,895. I know I know all those starving children… heavy sigh. 


I long for this Armani Collezioni High Collar Wool jacket on sale at Nordstrom’s for $709. It was $1,195.


Happy Birthday to who? Moi?

A birthday present? Perhaps. It is my month to celebrate. Yes, I do celebrate the entire month of November now. I used to celebrate only the day (Nov. 19 in case you’d like to send along a little gift) but why not the month I say?

The jacket comes only in Peony and is beautifully tailored. The details are outlined in a slightly darker color. Love the cutaway hem. Made in Italy of course.

You can get the sale prices starting today at the Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale presale.

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