Sexy high-heeled art; a golden girl I’m in love with

OMYGOD. I haven’t blogged in five days. FIVE DAYS??? And I haven’t even been on vacation or anything. Well, not really. I did clean off my desk one day. And another day was spent preparing a pitch for a new client. Other than that, I can’t account for my time. Crying out loud. That’s scary. Must be twittering too much. 

I have been reading other people’s blogs. That accounts for hours going by the by. Oh and creating another blog or two and a couple of web sites and … well, you know. 

Speaking of social networks, isn’t it great when you start getting to know someone who was an acquaintance and then becomes a girlfriend and chica? I’ve been getting to know several women on a more personal basis lately … no, not that personal. One of them, Krista, is an organizer extraordinaire and all around funny woman. She had a vintage hat on her latest blog and was waxing philosophical about her favorite things.

I love to wax philosophical myself. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things.

High heeled art you say. Here’s mine- 

(Right) I love the velvety ribbon and the height of the heels. Not that I could ever wear that high a heel without have to have 24/7 chiropractic support but … I love to look.

One of my other favorite objects ‘d art is this dress form I bought at a Farm Chicks Antique Sale. The woman I bought the dress form from called this elegant lady ‘golden girl.’

Inside the shoulder is a label that says “Singer Form molded from life for Mrs. C.A. Severn, New York City.”

Mrs. Severn certainly had one of the most enviable forms in the entire city. Her gold lame coating may be distressed but her form is flawless!

And of course my very favorite little chub is Sawyer thecorgi (his name – long story). He’s just barely two years old (Sept. 2).  Sawyer is a Cardigan Corgi. Unlike the Pembroke Corgi’s – Cardigan’s have their tails intact, they’re a bit longer and they have a bit better temperment. Adorable … I know.

He is the smartest dog I’ve seen, easy to train, lovable, gets along with everyone … animals and people alike and loves to herd all of the above. He’s wearing his 2008 Halloween costume, a Harley Davidson jacket complete with scarf. (Right) is another view from the top.

Wearing a costume isn’t his favorite way to spend the day!  

Shop on!



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