Sad but true … Vivier … Warhol … and high heeled art?

Oh this is too much! How could anyone love CSI this much? It’s the crime scene tape scarf with the words “Crime Scene DO NOT CROSS” boldly emblazoned across it. Bad bad bad idea. You can also use the scarf to scare the crap out of your housemates when they come home late and see it wrapped around the front door.

Just an idea…. Garish is too pretty of a word for these accessoriesfrom hell.

There are other crime scene accessories to go with like this crime scene carpet. It comes in the shape of a dead body lying on the ground.

Yes, it’s true that there’s only one size but they do come in three colors. 

Pretty is as pretty does

The Ecsotype online store on the other ah … hand has a to-die-for bag called the Presse mixed material utility bag.  

In addition to its other incredible attributes, there’s a no-shock divider pocket inside to protect your laptop or camera. It’s made of leather and nylon with multiple internal/external pockets and a leather-braced gusset. Looks perfect for travel.

 Well-heeled art you say? 

Check out Mark Schwartz’s blog. 

No … high-heeled art.  Mark Schwartz, accomplished shoe designer and artist, who studied under Andy Warhol, nay was essentially “pushed by Warhol into developing his artistic side and creative levels encouraging Mark to continue to his capricious approach to fabricate his artistic style of painting shoes as art.” Deep breathe and … “The subliminal influence of … Warhol provided him with a canvas to create a multifaceted panorama of collages, paintings and whimsical interpretations of “shoes as art.”

Although … he is rumored to be Oprah’s favorite shoe designer. 

Better than food as art I say. Here, you decide:








Check out his web site for many more! Shop on!



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