Chumby, Gumby … whatever … it’s streaming Internet

“When you’re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.”
- Shakti Gawain


It’s Chumby dammit! Well, that had to be said. You know instead of It’s Gumby … well if I have to explain it… heavy sigh.

Have you seen the Chumby? It’s the take-it-anywhere cute little window to the Internet. You just plug it in to your computer to create a lineup of favorites from over 800 widgets in 30 different categories. Then it streams everything your little heart desires. You can stream entertainment, music and podcasts, photo sharing, weather, sports, AUCTIONS and messaging. That’s just a few and they’re adding more all the time. OMY  I sound like a commercial don’t I?

Anywhoo ran across them … thought they were cute. They are pricey though – $179.95. Chumby, chumby chumby …. 


Shop on!

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