Shoes to die for … and not in a good way

Honestly, do designers think women can wear those four-inch heels and still walk when we’re over the age of 30? Crying out loud.

For some reason though I still secretly crave wearing them, but just can’t walk more than 50 feet in most of them. Silly … I’m just saying. My Fashion Life has a pair of Betty Jackson ankle boots on their front page today that might actually look cute with a foot inside of them. On the other hand just imagine your foot fat pudging through the cut-outs. EEWWW. 


Betty Jackson green patent leather ankle boots.

Betty Jackson green patent leather ankle boots.

Then check out these sandals they had in the next space.

They’re Alexander McQueen “Corsage VINYL sandals.” They retail for $1,605 but they’re on sale for $1,123.50. OMG run away … and not in either of these pair of shoes! 

And get this — they were SOLD OUT on the Net – A – site. I am definitely running with the wrong crowd. Well, I doubt they’re actually running in those heels. 

Shop on!


3 Responses

  1. oooh. These are the kind of shoes that require lots of lounging, dark chocolate and a gorgeous man…

  2. i happen to own 2 pairs of those betty jackson shoes (in taupe and teal) and they are the most comfortable and sexy shoes i have ever stepped out in! they have been so admired that 3 girls in my office now own a pair each too.

  3. i’m one of those girls in the office…i got grey ones and i LOVE them. i wear mine with tights or socks — so cute. they actually aren’t tight at all so no worries about the foot fat. get tons of compliments every time i wear them!

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